Broker Success Roadmap

by admin on February 11, 2016, 10:39 pm

Broker Success Roadmap

1. Use your primary domain

Think about it this way, how much traffic do you currently have that isn't converting? Take that traffic and turn it into leads. You don't need 10 websites, period.

2.  Make sure you have paid traffic generating leads

Put gas in the car, feed the monster. KV w/out traffic is like the Cookie Monster w/out cookies. Stop messing around expecting blogs & business cards to generate 100's of leads. Buy Traffic Now

3.  Join our Facebook mastermind group

We have a great group comprising 1000's of agents that are using KV to the fullest. Learn what works, what doesn't & what's just crazzzzzy. Join Group Now

4.  Set reasonable expectations

You will close between 1% & 3% of your leads. That means you need each of your agents generating around 30 - 40 leads per month to have 1 closing every few months. The average time frame to close is 4 to 8 months. The system works 10x better on month 12 than it did on month 2.

5.  Partner with a good lender

A good lender partner not only can help pay for the system, but also will help your agents scrub & close more leads. Make sure you team works well together & has monthly meetings to get everyone engaged & productive.

6.  Don't assume you & your agents know how this works

Even the team at KV often forgets cool features we have built that makes KV more powerful. Come to our trainings, read our FAQ, watch our training videos. If you need personal training as the primary account holder, please contact Annalisa at

7.  Import your old & new leads

Have a large database of leads, get it to us so we can import. Generate leads outside of Kunversion, did you know all those leads can be imported into the system in real time, see how.

8.  Use our texting feature for your signs/print

Did you know that KV comes with the ability for you to generate text leads from offline sources. Text leads off sign riders are some of the best leads you will ever get. See how to get started

9.  Have you & your agents use Klient for transaction management

Kunversion is great for fishing up new leads, but Klient takes over to manage the day to day minutia of getting the deal done. It's FREE & part of Kunversion. Download Klient Now

10.  Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting

The system is great at generating leads, but it's even better bringing more agents to your firm. Show them KV, show them the features, have them join the FB group, they will be hooked with you & on their way to becoming your next top producer.  Learn about creating recruiting content.