Audit Your Followups

by admin on March 21, 2017, 8:18 pm

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself."

The age-old adage harkens back (probably much earlier than) to the 1970's phrase "Check it before you wreck it."

These phrases are old. They are common sense. It's something that you should apply to Kunversion, among many things. What we want to convey here is: check your followup strategies.

You need to ensure that, once you have your lead sources figured out, and you spend less and less time on them (depending) that you are aware of where to zero-in, in Kunversion. Where do you spend what little time you have, ensuring you're not missing any opportunities.

What manner of followups are necessary? Or what are you checking to make sure you're not wasting money or time?

This is actually a matter of some contention among many Agents, as there are a great many theories on how to appeal to people to keep them in the loop.

The bottom line is, that you must leverage your automation against your available effort. If you can automate something like, a birthday greeting, or anniversary, or holiday well-wishes, then do it.

If you can't, don't. 

It may seem cold to you, perhaps, but the alternative may be much wasted time and money.

Going through the Agent Dashboard, and analyzing these features we can very easily measure what is known to work and what Kunversion will focus on, because what we care about, is increasing your bottom line.

There are a few basic concepts that you should familiarize yourself with before we proceed.

* This guide is intended for coaching you on engaging your internet leads, not your sphere. Your sphere is another matter, and one which Kunversion will soon fully support, using alternative methods and features.

  • You have nothing in common with leads, apart from a website that they are using, which you own.
  • You have nothing to engage leads with, apart from the listings they are viewing.
  • You have nothing to leverage against leads, apart from what data you can cobble-together on their apparent desires.

See where I am going with this? Listings, are the lifeblood of your leads. Without them, you are stalking random people, reaching out like a hermit, clawing for some form of commonality.

There are a lot of essential followup tips that we have outlined here, which will offer some coaching on how to approach people in various situations.

One final note, this guide is intended for more seasoned users of the system, who have nailed down most of their lead sources, and have been to a few trainings on the system at least. If you are more familiar with Kunversion, this is the right article that will help you on the road to turning it up to 11. 

Part 1: Activity Stream

This is the most basic and most useful followup tool in Kunversion. You can use it to quickly scan ALL of your active leads in one place.

You can see:

  • Who is looking at what, when.
  • Who saved what listing.
  • Who is looking at any of your Agencies listings.
  • Are there any popular listings right now?
  • What leads are intensely looking, and which ones seem to be more careful, or more exacting in their clicks.

The individual listing tiles indicate these details.

On each listing tile:

  • Upper Left - Leads' Name
  • Lower Left - Number of Views on what kind of Device
  • Lower Right - How Long Ago they Viewed that Listing
  • Large "Double Tiles" indicate a significant event, such as the Listing being saved by that lead.

Using your activity stream, you can ask yourself if you have done any of the following:

  • Identify a popular listing that you can mass-text. (You should identify a great aspect about it, and reference that in your text.)
  • Identify a listing that someone has saved, and followup on it. The system has already, but you can use this as a basis for asking your lead if they want to narrow down their search to more homes like this one.
  • Does someone only ever view homes on mobile? Maybe they are very busy. Ask them how you can help them narrow down their search.
  • Do you notice that certain people only view homes at certain times of the day? Set a reminder for yourself to wait to text them until they are usually available.


Part 2: The Dashboard Quick Lists

These lists show right on your main Agent Dashboard. Use them to quickly drill down a few priority tasks.

  • New Leads - Self Explanatory
  • Recently active leads - when was the last time you followed up? Have you asked them if they like the search they are setup on?
  • Hottest Leads - These should all be mostly clients. Some MAY be difficult to get ahold of. The fact that they are not unsubscribed means that they are interested. Don't barrage them, but make sure that you have sent a property or two to them in the past month by hand, with a personal note about the property.
  • Missed Calls - Very important. If you missed any calls they will be here. If you call anyone in this list, and mark them as called, they will be removed from this list. This is an excellent way to make sure you aren't missing out on any opportunities to follow up. Please keep in mind, Kunversion only asks you to call people for specific reasons, so there are specific reasons why they are in this list.
  • New Texts - Are these all responded to? Modern human interactions demand immediate attention. Be sure that you are replying promptly to any incoming texts (within reason, obviously.)
  • Upcoming Reminders - You should use the reminder system as much as possible. For example, if you want to have the opportunity to reach out to someone when they are most likely online, schedule it! Your reminders are kept all in one place, on this list. Or, perhaps you are having a hard time getting a hold of someone. What are they looking at? Set yourself a periodic reminder for them to see if you can spot any listings that they might like. Find something interesting about that listing, and send it to them. Do it maybe once every 2 weeks. Each time you complete one of these tasks, setup a new one.


Part 3: Notes Tab & Calls Tab

Notes are a huge deal. A lot of things that you do are recorded into notes. If you open the notes for a particular lead, and it's empty, something is not right.

  • Did you at any point loop in your lender to help with followups?
  • Have you ever set any reminders to do something specific for that person?
  • Do you keep track of what you have done? Maybe you can set a reminder for when their drip campaign ends, so you can try something very specific to get their attention. (check out the correspondence tab to see when the last campaign email is set to go out.)

Part 4: Scanning for Alerts

Make sure your leads have alerts. Make sure you are setting up alerts for your new leads. 

This is easy to check. You can go through any list you have and sort it by whether or not the leads in that list have Listing Alerts setup. 

Of course, do not attempt to setup alerts for people who are unsubscribed or have bad addresses (circled icons above.)

Also, if you are setting up a search for someone, please email them right away! Let them know that you've set them up on a search and to please let YOU know if it can be adjusted in any way, even if they are not serious about purchasing a home at this time. Remember, you want to encourage people to take advantage of your site. It's your job on your dashboard to organize them to avoid wasting time. Use your hashtags to create an autopilot category that you can safely ignore while you let the system incubate them for as long as is necessary. This is much, much better than deleting someone from your scans. You never know what will happen in the future.

Part 5: Mass Communication Strategy

Ah, everyone's favorite topic. Probably because it's easy. No doubt you've used it before yourself to drum up some activity.

You will also note that when it comes to texting, you can only text people once per week. Hmmm.

You are in the business of selling homes after all. This should force you to be mindful of what exactly it is you are sending out. 

What you must do, is find a well presented home. Or, a home that is rare, in a sense. Or, has an amazing selling point. What is it, about THIS home that makes it special? Or, in that location has a particularly advantageous feature that you think is important? Every day many, many new lisitngs make it onto the market. You can find one a week, surely. Blast it out in a text, highlight the WHY. Why are you sending this? Don't be generic like, this is a great price. Find something really particular. You have no idea who might find that alluring as well. What may spark someone's desire to go out and see it. Just keep the message under 160 characters. ;)

(If you want a refresher on how to build mass texting lists, click here.)