Drip Campaigns

by admin on January 12, 2016, 1:14 am

Drip campaigns exist to fill in the gaps between automated communications from the system. Sometimes, if a lead doesn't generate activity, you need a drip to remind them of who you are! Keep in mind that these static emails are completely customizable. So if one type of Drip Campaign isn't working or meshing with your current process, make a new one! It's worth it to take a few hours and really hash out what you want to do by hand, and what you want to automate, and what exactly you want to say. Thinking about this stuff will help trigger other questions in your mind about how you want to organize your leads. It's all downhill from there!


Default Settings

To help you understand how drips are organized and implemented, let's look at a very basic scenario for Buyer Leads.

1. Lead registers, and gets a welcome email. They are assigned to the Default Campaign soon after. No Campaign emails are sent at this time.

2. If the Agent has that person's phone number, they initiate a call and try to connect.

3. After 1 Day, the first Drip Email is sent.

4. On the second day the lead is signed up, they get the "Day 2" email. Listing alerts are automatically setup if the lead has any listing history, and if there is no existing Listing Alert already configured by the Agent.

5. After 3 and 5 days the first drip email goes out, and then every 5, 10, 15 days, etc. until 70 Days.

During this whole process, they are getting System Emails which respond to their actions on your KV site, such as if they saved a property or displayed expressed interest in a home on your KV site.

So, we have a couple of specific emails early on in the process, and some static emails that take over on day 5. You have dynamic emails that go out in between depending on lead activity. Presumably, if the lead has a phone number, the Agent is calling that person as much as they can until they get that person on the line.

Once they get that person on the line and converted to a client by a series of reminders and followups, they are moved to Client status and the Drip Emails, and system emails cease. The combination of all of those efforts has converted that Lead/Prospect into a Client.

  • Can I change what Drip Campaign is automatically assigned to my leads?
    • Yes. Click on the Hi, (Name) Menu on the top Right. Click on Settings. You'll see the option to change the campaign that is automatically assigned to buyer or seller leads, Clietns, or Past Clients.

  • Can I set any campaign I want as the Default?
    • Yes, you can build a custom campaign, or copy a shared campaign to your list of campaigns to choose from. Find the Custom Drip Campaigns section in this article for more info.
  • Can I reset my campaign?
    • Yes, you can reset the drip campaign by going to the Leads' profile tab, and scrolling down to their individual drip settings. Click Restart Drip to change the Current Drip Day back to zero:
    • You may only reset drips a limited number of times. This counter may not be reset. It's important to not reset campaigns in batches or too many times, as you will hit your hard limit for sending mail in Gmail very quickly, and get your account shut down!


The Kunversion Default Campaign

When you're just getting Kunversion running, the Default Campaign is going to help you stay on top of things very well, until you're ready to create your own experience. Normally when you customize a campaign, you can see all of the emails to change on your settings page. However the KV Default campaign cannot really by edited in its natural state. It would need to be copied first. In order to do so, you must find it in the Drip Campaign Library.

  1. Click on "Search" on the left hand side of your Dashboard. (Alternatively in the search box on the left, you can type in the word "default" and hit enter.
  2. On the Search Page, click on the "Shared Emails" tab on the far right.
  3. Type Default into the text box and hit enter (if you haven't already)
  4. The Kunversion Drip Campaign will show. Click on the different tabs to see the emails that go out on that day. 

If you want to, you can click on the Green Button that says "Use This Campaign" to copy that drip campaign to your settings page for modification. When you click the green button, you will get a pop up asking you to give your Copied Campaign a new name. Don't call it Kunversion Default, or you will be very confused later!


Custom Drip Campaigns

Custom Drip Campaigns  are built in one of two ways. You can build them from scratch, or you can modify a shared campaign. For example, if someone on your team built an awesome campaign that you want to use, you can find it in the Shared Drip Campaign Library (like where the KV default is) and copy it! Once it's copied you can then modify it on your settings page.

To Create a Campaign from scratch:

  1. Go to your Settings Page

  2. Scroll down until you see "Add Drip Emails/Texts"
  3. There are two tools right here. On the left we see the Add Drip Emails/Texts and on the right we see "Add A New Drip Campaign."

  4. In order to add emails to the campaign, we need a campaign to add them to! So, start on the right side, by adding a Campaign Name, and click "Add Campaign."

    • The Hashtag setting will dictate that, if you assign a lead to the specified hashtag, it will then be automatically assigned to this Drip Campaign. Very handy for creating automated workflows from squeeze pages!

  5. After your Campaign has a name, use the tool on the left to add an email to it! Use the "Add Drip Emails" tool to start adding emails to your newly named campaign one at a time. First select your campaign from the list, then specify the day your campaign should start after a lead registers, the Subject for the email they see in their inbox, and finally the body of the message itself. There is no HTML, or Images in Drip Campaigns, to differentiate them from system emails and to ensure a maximum deliverability rate. Remember, all we are trying to do is get them to reply.

  6. As you add emails, one at a time, they will populate down below "Current Drip Emails/Texts." For each campaign you have, you'll be able to edit all of the emails/texts within it at any time.

  • You have the option to specify each message as a text or an email. If you choose text, and the lead has a valid phone number, and they haven't been texted in the past week by the system, then it will be sent out. Otherwise, it will default as an Email message instead.
  • Additionally, you must specify if the campaign event (a text/email) is going to You, or to your lead. So, you can schedule yourself to be notified at the end of the drip campaign, for example, or create a task list for leads using a completely custom campaign.
  • There is no HTML, or Images in Drip Campaigns. Do not put an email signature in them. These are supposed to look like quick, personally hand-written notes. This is for two important reasons. First, to minimize the possibility that the email will be marked as spam, and secondly, to have the best chance at illiciting a response from the lead.


Advanced Campaign Settings


Variables are used in the body of the Drip Campaigns you create.

Custom Variables are #firstname, #lastname, #agentname, #agentemail, #agentphone, #town & #domain.


Hi, #firstname are you still looking in #town?

would produce:

Hi, John are you still looking in Warwick?


Default Campaign Setting

After you create a campaign, if you wish it to be assigned to leads when they register, set your Default Drip Campaign appropriately near the top of the settings page. There are individual settings for Buyer leads and Seller leads. Note: Any custom campaign can be set as the "Broker Mandated" campaign, which forces everyone's Default Campaign to whichever is set by the Broker Dashboard. If it has been set, it may only be modified by your Broker/Admin.


Additional Campaign Settings

  • You can share this drip campaign. Shared campaigns are visible to any user of Kunversion
  • You can set the hashtag for this campaign. Any leads assigned to this hashtag, will automatically be assigned to this campaign. It is not a retroactive setting.
  • You can delete this campaign. There is no undo button!
  • Assign to All Buyer Leads will assign this drip campaign to all of your Buyer leads, regardless of their current campaign. There is no undo button!
  • Assign to All Seller Leads will assign this drip campaign to all of your Seller Leads, regardless of their current campaign. There is no undo button!