How To Generate Leads

by admin on December 16, 2015, 5:30 am

Generating Leads is critical to your success in Kunversion! There are so, so many different strategies out there for how to get likes, and views and things. Our best advice right off the top is:

  1. Join the KV Facebook Group
  2. Focus on getting every single kind of lead into the system as your number one priority.
  3. Keep doing something to generate more leads. The person walking around the block is doing more than the person sitting at home watching TV.

 Any possible medium, by phone, by text, by business card, can be ported into Kunversion automatically. Here is how:

Where do Leads Come From?

Leads are either paid for or free. Paid leads are easy to get; you just pay for them. Free leads require a lot of time and thinking. A lot of self-research. Regardless of where they come from, they are both forms of lead generation. This is important to remember. A lot of people feel like they are missing the boat and start diving down the rabbit hole chasing an impossible dream that relies entirely on buzzwords like SEO actually meaning something. Very simply, you are going to get the amount of leads that you either invested the time or money equivalent to obtain. On this page, we will show you all of the tools you can use to find people and get them to your website.

If you're starting your Kunversion journey on a small scale, you're going to want to shoot for a very simple goal. We would recommend generating around 40-50 leads per month. For yourself. If you're on a small team, each member of your team must have similar aspirations. Once you reach that goal, you'll understand what 40-50 leads means regarding money and effort. From there, it's an economy of scale. If you're pretty adept at cold calling and whatnot, you'll want to generate 20x the number of leads as you want closings. If you start from scratch, leads will start turning around and become serious on average 8-12 months from when they register.

Here's a little bit of motivation:


Squeeze Pages & Landing Pages

Regardless of what methods you use to generate leads, you should have a plan going in. The most important part of that plan is tracking your success, and attempting to do what you are trying to do as best as possible. That strategy and goal reflects the purpose of Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages.

A Squeeze Page will allow you to provide relevant lisitngs to the potential lead that clicks on your ad or post. Also, it allows you to track your success with that ad or post. It will report to you how many people have clicked on your squeeze link, and how many have signed up as a new lead as a result. That's your signup percentage. A 4% signup rate is what you would consider industry standard. Kunversion links usually get 7% - 15%. For more info, click here.

A Landing Page is kind of like a squeeze link in the sense that it is a link you click on. But instead of displaying listings, it displays a page on which you can customize the words and images to accomplish a goal. That goal is to convince the person who lands on it as the result of your post or ad to continue or enter their information. For example: if you are trying to attract sellers, you would have your initial post or ad be very brief but to the point. Then, when they get to the landing page you have more details about your services and a guarantee or an offer of some kind. Or, instructions on how to get started, which involve entering their info as the first step. From there you can send them on to the valuation page. Or in other situations you might send them on to squeeze pages or other links as well. It's a very robust and customizable feature. For more info, click here.

For additional DIY Advertising Tips:

Facebook Ads DIY

Advertising Strategies

PPC Advertising

The quickest, most direct way to lead generation is with paid advertising.

The best ads are the ones which lead people to a page that most accurately delivers what the ad referenced. This is why an ad that says "search for free now!" will do horribly compared to "Home shopping? Check out all the recently reduced listings in Scottsdale right here!"

...of course...if the link didn't show them any listings. That wouldn't work either.

With Paid Advertising you're looking at two scenarios:

  • DIY Advertising
  • Paying someone else to do your Advertising

Some people are very technical and want to analyze every facet of their advertising. And, Kunversion is very transparent. You can certainly accomplish that. If you wanna tell us to go away because you know how to connect Google Analytics and Google AdWords, and you spend a lot of time in Excel, you can! However, if you're not too comfortable with any of what I just said, you might want to skip to a breakdown of the PPC services Kunversion offers. If you're mildly curious about doing it yourself advertising, we put together an excellent resource for just that.


For a very long time now, these places have been a staple for generating leads. Especially for Listing Agents. If you don't have any listings, you can technically still post to Craigslist, and many people do. It depends on your MLS or State Laws, so brush up on what's legal before deciding to post anything.

The Craigslist post suggestions you might see in your Dashboard are borne of an idea for community effort. These are all the listings at your Agency, which haven't been posted by anyone via Kunversion, so it's suggesting that you do so. This may or may not be acceptable, depending. But, we like to think that everyone wants to try to help sell inventory, not for their own financial gain, but also to help build a stronger team.

Craigslist does not allow you to post hyperlinks in their ads in the real estate for sale section anymore. But, we can still give the Craigslisters something to engage with. This is done with texts codes, and if it's your listing, the 800 call capture number. There definitely must be some way to indicate to a shopper how to obtain more information. So, you'll want to plan ahead. Do you want to create a custom text code for this post? Does it matter in your case? How are you keeping track of your CL post replies? Custom codes may be relevant, or not. If you're not familiar with them, read up on the feature here. It will be relevant shortly.

Basic Preparation (for beginners)

  • Create a Craigslist Account on
  • Familiarize yourself with flagging and ghosting. (Google it)
  • Plan to post periodically throughout the day. A couple here, a couple there. Don't spam. You'll get banned.

How to Post

If you followed the Kunversion Setup Instructions, you should have installed the Chrome Extension. This is essential to posting as it does a lot of the work for you.

Here's a short video on how to use the extension. Take a quick look, as it goes over posting to Craigslist before continuing. 

*side note: before posting, make sure you are logged into your Craigslist Account.

So, from the video you can see that running the command "kv craigslist (mlsnumber)" is pretty quick. Here are some other options:

Quick Actions Menu:

On the following page, just enter the MLS number!

From 'Our Listings'

This page will display all of your Agencies Listings. Click on an address to open the listing. Once the listing is open, find the post to Craigslist option in the WWYLTD menu:

You can also search for listings using the KV command in Chrome, or on the top left of your dashboard in the search box!

Lead Capture from the Ad

Here our options are somewhat limited. Your best bet is to either setup a custom text code, or use the standard text code in the ad:

In this sample ad copy, you'll see that much like your own, the extension has put my subdomain 'Red' into the line that says "info & pics..."

You can leave this as such so that any text inquiries go to you. Or, you can setup a custom text code that points to this listing which will automatically deliver the listing info via text. Just change out 'Red' or whatever your subdomain is with the custom code. If it is indeed your listing, you can replace your subdomain with the Listing ID from the MLS. That will also send these leads to you since you're the listing agent. Just check to make sure your listings are showing up. Go to your website, click on 'My Agent' at the top, and in the menu under your photo, click on 'My Listings.' That will show you that the system knows what your listings are. If nothing comes up, contact support as your AgentID is not entered into your profile.


Facebook can be a pretty lucrative source of leads that doesn't cost any money. It's also a constantly evolving medium for distributing and posting information.

To start off, posting information to Facebook is only useful if people who you don't know are going to see it. Some people interpret posting landing pages and squeeze links to Facebook as posting it to their wall. Or to their business page. That really isn't going to help you. Why? Well, if you think about it, what is going to cause random people to visit your business page or wall? There's no driving force delivering that content that you posted. Therefore, you must take your content elsewhere, and post it there.

There are different strategies on how to accomplish this. One involves going to the Facebook Search, and simply looking for "Groups" to join and post to. These are groups that are full of random people. Some of the groups are public; some are private. There's no reason that you wouldn't be kicked out of these groups if they think you are spamming. You could also create your own group; you just need to figure out how to get people to join it. If you post really awesome content to your group, that people like, then you can get your friends to join it first and then go from there. Many people have had success with this kind of strategy:

For more information on Groups, click here.

Now, the ideal method for getting leads out of Facebook is by advertising. It costs money, sure, but striking out on your own is way more time intensive. If you do it successfully, then you'll end up doing 90% or more of your business entirely online. Better than trying to do "SEO." Whatever that means.

Hopefully, you have a good general idea of what to do and not to do with FB, and if you read up on groups, everything should be making way more sense. Here is some content that will help you learn more and more about FB and also give you some ideas about how to proceed:


Pinterest is based on generating boards that you can pin attractive images. Post the right stuff and you can generate some traffic to your KV site pretty easily!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest Strategy: Quick Posting with Pinnit


Twitter, is odd. It's convinced people that it's alright to spew publically the ramblings of their inner selves. Of course, it presents an opportunity. You can search for what people are saying and reach out to them. Maybe they're complaining about their realtor, or they're thinking about buying in a year, or...anything! Before you just dive in, you should setup a Twitter account and learn how to use it. Learn its tricks and buttons. Once you do that, you can use a tool in KV to search for people who say interesting things! It's a good way to spend 20 minutes a day.

Open a Listing in Kunversion, and click on the WWYLTD Menu. Select the Twitter option.


This will search for interesting tweets within 20 miles of the zip code the listing is in. If you want to modify this, look at the upper right search box:

Click on it and go to the end. (You can hit the "End" key on your keyboard to do this ;) )

See the near: variable? Just change out the zip code to something else. Don't use quotes.

I found two while I was writing this document!

Pretty easy to start! The more you learn about Twitter, the more you may discover!




Signs & Sign Riders

Physical Marketing plays a huge role in lead generation. All of the signs, sign riders, flyers, business cards, anything that is printed can capture leads! This is done largely with text codes and custom text codes. You can get VERY creative with these things and have a robust strategy for all of your "street" leads! Click here to dive in.

Email Imports

Email imports are super powerful. It's a very easy way to get your leads, from wherever they are generated, into Kunversion. Don't think that you need a secondary system that can collect leads, you can send them right from the source so long as you have an email.

Manual Entry

A lot of you add leads by hand. That's really time consuming.

We don't actually have a DeLorean to help solve this problem of lost time. Our solution isn't quite as stylish, but it works a little bit better.

If you get leads from any lead generation source, we have a fix for you. Each of you gets assigned your own email address that you can forward leads to.

This special email address that you would forward your new lead emails to can be found in two places:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of your Agent Dashboard, and you will see it in the footer of the site, under your subdomain. It will look like
    "" or something like that, where 000 is your unique ID.
  • This is also listed on the embed page, which can be found here, under the Forward Lead Notifications to: section.

Once you have your unique import address, you can import leads by sending an email like this. It's all the information we look for in any import:

First Name:
Last Name:
Name: *
Email: *
Seller Address:

* = required for import to work

Then you can simply forward that email to your import address, and the lead will be added. A copy of the email will be saved in Gmail, and any information we see will be saved in the leads' notes.

Auto-Imported from another source

Alternatively, the more common solution is to say, have all your leads that come from added automatically to your Kunversion Dashboard. (This can be done at the agent level, or at the round-robin Broker level)

Literally any source of lead, like, or whichever that emails you to tell you that you have a new lead, can be sent to your import address. Forwarding them by hand is time-consuming so ideally, you would go to your lead source, and tell it to send your leads to your import email address. Usually, in your settings for these providers, there is a place where you can specify this information. If you bring a login to support, we can help you figure it out!

For email imports: 

There are different settings for each product the agent might purchase.

For all other sources, so long as those new lead emails are being sent to the Realtor's Gmail account, you can configure a GMail filter to automatically forward those new lead emails to their import agent (or if it's the broker) their import broker address.

For Zillow/Trulia, you should setup Zillow Tech Connect. Make sure your Trulia leads feed into ZTC.



Widgets are specifically designed for those of you who possess online resources outside of your Kunversion site. Maybe you have an old website that you want to keep running. Does it get a lot of organic traffic? Widgets are perfect for this; you can turn your old resources into lead capturing resources that funnel directly into Kunversion.

There are a few different ones you can use. In order to install them, you need access to edit your old site, and of course HTML knowledge/know-how. If at all possible, some IT person should help you. If you email support we can possibly see what we can do, depending.

All widgets are found both on the Broker side, and Agent versions are found on the Agent Side.

click here for Brokers

click here for Agents

The Website embed widgets come in two formats, a wide and short version. If you find that your widgets do not appear properly on your other website, the container they are in is probably too small.

The Chat widget is a replica of the one that is on your Kunversion site. It will pop up for visitors and engage them in chats, capturing organic leads!

Zillow Tech Connect

*before proceeding, make sure your correct Agent MLS ID is entered into your profile by your Broker. If you don't know what it is, or need to verify, send one of your listings to support and we can find it for you.

In order to use the Tech Connect program, you must visit the Zillow Agent Hub and configure each partner they wish to use. Agents configuring a Tech Connect Partner in the Zillow Agent Hub can follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Zillow Agent Hub

2. Click on “Contacts”


3. Click on “Connect to my CRM”

4. Click Add Partner


5. Select Kunversion from the list


5. Input your unique partner ID, found on your settings page in Kunversion. Look for your ID next to "Zillow Tech Connect". If you want to set leads up round robin, there is a unique Broker ID to use on the Broker Embed Page.

6. Click “Save”

7. You'll see it setup after clicking save:


Open House Tool

It is not out of your scope to request people to sign in to gain access to an open house that you are hosting. By prompting a sign in you are acting as a gatekeeper for that home, as well as gaining lead information with the use of the Open House Tool. You can always spin it as, it's necessary for security reasons.

There are two methods for using an open house to put leads directly into your system. You can use the mobile app which is suitable for phones, or if you have a larger screen, we have a dashboard method down below.

Mobile App Method (Phone)

Step 1. Open the Kunversion App on your phone, and tap on more settings:

Step 2: Tap 'Open House' and enter the MLSID of the listing you are hosting. Requiting a phone number will of course prevent anyone from logging in unless they enter their phone number.

Step 3: You're done! You would hand your phone over to people to request them to sign in.

Dashboard Method (Tablet)

Step 1. Click on Our Listings on the left side of your Agent Dashboard

Step 2. Choose the home where you are holding the Open House and click on that listing

Step 3. Click on the "What would you like to do?" drop down menu

Step 4. Scroll down and choose "Open House Tool." This opens a new tab.

Step 5. This will open up a landing page for the open house that will prompt people to sign in. The page will have the property in the background and sign up on the foreground. All attendees who sign in will have their information automatically imported into the agent dashboard.