How To Setup Kunversion

by admin on December 16, 2015, 4:35 am

Kunversion Setup

Part 1 - Connect to Google

You must have a Gmail account for Kunversion. Your Broker, or Team Leader should have set you up in Kunversion as an Agent with this Gmail account. Whatever account is plugged into Kunversion to is the one you must be logged into. Some people have more than one Google account, which is pretty common. The first thing you should do is Download and Install Google Chrome. Once installed, log into the Gmail account that you will be using with Kunversion.

If you do have more than one Google or Gmail account, you must take care as to what you are logged into when you're setting up Kunversion. When you get around to logging into your Kunversion Agent Dashboard, it will "see" whatever account you are logged in with, not necessarily the one that is supposed to be connected to it! This can create a lot of confusion when trying to "sync" your Dashboard. 

Therefore, before continuing be sure to:

  1. Log out of your personal Gmail
  2. Log into your Kunversion Gmail

When using Google Chrome as your web browser, most people are moving to Chrome from whatever they currently use (Such as Internet Explorer) so keeping Chrome ONLY for Kunversion tends to work for most people. AND it's the most compatible with Kunversion. It's possible to create two separate Google Chrome Icons on your computer. One for Kunversion, and one for non-work stuff. If that interests you, click here for more info.


Once you're logged into Chrome and your Kunversion Gmail account, you need to enable a couple features. Calendar and Drive. These are used by Kunversion to store reminders and files. (yes, you can upload documents to leads!) Click on the apps button on the top, and click on Calendar, fill in the basic settings for timezone and whatnot, then do the same for Drive.


Back in Gmail, click on the Gear Icon 

and navigate to Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Enable IMAP.


Side note: There are a lot of cool features in Gmail. Here are a few highlights:

  • On the General tab, you can setup your Email Signature
  • On the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, you can forward your Gmails out, or forward emails into Gmail
  • On the Labs tab you can enable Canned Responses
  • You can organize your inbox with labels and filters


3. Sync Google Account Leaving Gmail open, open a new tab (this means you are logged into your Google account for this step, which is import.) Go to Log into your Kunversion account with the information provided in the Welcome email you recieved from us.

The first thing you will see is this page to allow access to your Google Account, be sure to allow access:


Next, you'll see this. Be sure to accept it as well:

* If you have multiple GMail accounts, this is where the sync can get messed up, if you're logged into the wrong account. It might be a good idea to use different profile pictures, so that when you see this prompt to sync, if you see the wrong Google Profile Picture, you'll know to back out and not click accept, and log into the correct account first.

Dashboard Setup Wizard


See all this stuff circled in Orange? It's all part of the wizard. Let's begin:

  1. First, let's make sure you do not see the Google Sync Error you see in red, in the above picture. If you see it, it means you're logged into the wrong gmail account. Open a new tab, go to, and log out on the top right corner by clicking on your picture. Then, log into the correct Gmail account for Kunversion. Then, switch back to your dashboard, refresh the page, and click the green authorize button.

    If you ARE synced, click continue.

  2. The next step is to add the MLS ID# of one of YOUR listings that YOU entered into the MLS. Our system will automatically find the listing and place your MLS Agent Code into the settings. If you don't have a listing # available, just click the blue Continue button. The code can be added later.

  3. The next step would be to download and install the native Kunversion app to your phone. This app is a mobile version of the desktop and will be very handy when you're out of the office. You can download it here, or search for “Kunversion” in your Google Play Store or iTunes Store, and install it from there. Just a quick note, use the same email and password that you use for KV to log into the app after you've installed it.

  4. Watch the video! When it's done, the wizard is complete. Click Finish! Congrats!


Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension is like a little app that you can install into Chrome! It can help you post to Craigslist, and other classifieds pages, search for leads, and all kinds of things. The best part is that it's something that we will continue to build more and more features into to make your life more efficient.

First, start by adding the extension to Chrome. Click here.

Once that's in, click on the little blue circle at the top right of your Chrome Window, and log into it using your Agent Dashboard Login.


Now, have a look at our instructional video on how to use it!



Mobile Agent Dashboard App

In case you need it, here are the links to install the Mobile App for your Agent Dashboard onto your phone. This is NOT 'Millions Mapped.' 

Available for AndroidAvailable for IOS


Klient App 

Klient is a checklist/transaction management app that you can utilize for free with Kunversion. As soon as you mark someone as a "Client" in Kunversion, they are available to use in "Klient!"

Download Klient Here

Video on How to use Klient


Agent.Watch App

This is a personal safety app for showing homes!

Agent Watch App (Google Play)

Agent Watch App (iTunes)


Intro Video

In case you want to watch it again, here it is!


Top Tips

Now, you're pretty much ready to go. Here are a few important items to either start thinking about, or start implementing right away.

  • External Leads

Did you know you can import leads from ANY outside source directly into Kunversion in real time? No kidding! Just login to your agent dashboard and look in the footer. You will see an email that looks like In your other lead providers like Zillow or Trulia add this email to be cc'd on new lead notifications. Hot dang! You just simplified your life, no more double entry or extra typing.

  • Legal Document Signing with HelloSign

Google Drive aka Google Docs allows you to store and access files in the cloud. HelloSign works directly with Google Drive to allow your clients to legally sign any document from their PC, tablet or smartphone. You can even make templates for all your common documents like agreements and contracts and just send them to your clients to send digitally. Wow, things are really starting to look pretty dang efficient. Hello Sign is and will always be free so we highly recommend.

Click Here to Install

  • Sign Riders, Your New Smart Number, and Text Leads

Kunversion provides you with a smart phone number for generating text leads. This number can be found in the footer of your agent dashboard. The concept behind this number is that you can easily connect the offline with the online by pushing offline leads to your mobile application. Leads can text a MLS #, address or your subdomain to this number. We highly recommend that you change all your print marketing, sign riders, etc to take advantage of this feature. Check out our online store for signs and riders you can customize. Click Here for more detailed information on how this works.

  • Chat Support On All Your Websites

As you probably heard by now, we staff chat support for your website 18 hours a day 7 days a week. I'm sure you have been on other agent's website where you see that chat box in the bottom right but it always seems to say chat not available. With Kunversion you are ALWAYS available, even on your other websites that aren't ran by Kunversion. This tool generates 100's of property viewings each and every day. For more info on how to set up this chat support on your OTHER websites click Here. If you don't have any other websites, no worries Kunversion chat is installed automatically on your Kunversion website.

Now that you're setup...

here's a short list of things you need to know as a new user! Click here

Also, make sure you have attended our Introductory training class, the 10,000ft overview, to get pointed in the right direction, right away! Training.


How to Sync Gmail (if you need to)

First, note the information on your settings page:

See where it says 'Gmail Address?' The Google Account you want to sync has to be the same as that address. When you look at 'Authorized Google Account' and it shows a different Google account than what it shows for 'Gmail Address' then you're going to have a sync issue.

Steps to fix

1. Log out of Kunversion

2. Log out of Gmail by clicking on your picture on the top right hand corner of your inbox, and clicking 'Sign Out.'

3. Close Chrome

4. Re-Open Chrome

5. Go to and login with the Google account that is supposed to be connected to Kunversion (Gmail Address in settings.)

6. Go to and log in. You may be prompted to allow permissions to use the Google Account you're signed in to. If you are prompted, be sure to click allow.

7. If you are not prompted, visit the settings page and click the Green 'Authorize New Google Account' button. Your Authorized Google Account and your Gmail Address should now match.

8. After this is complete you may see a sync error on the dashboard still. This is normal, as the information is cached in your browser. It will clear up the next time you restart or in about 15 minutes (typically.)