Millions Mapped

by admin on March 9, 2017, 4:28 pm


What is Millions Mapped?

Millions Mapped (or MM for short) is an app for mobile devices. Specifically, it is an app for your leads to use.

It's intended for your leads to use to find homes. It's also intended to capture new and random leads from the app store! So, if you use Kunversion, you should download MM and leave a positive review for it on the app store. The more reviews there are, the more chances there are that random people will download it and generate leads for everyone! For free! It's a community effort. :)

How should I use Millions Mapped?

The best way to use it is to push it out to your leads. It's not really meant for you as the agent to use as a tool for yourself, but it is a tool to engage people.

Think of all the ways the system keeps your leads coming back to the site. Listing Alerts, System Emails, Drip Campaigns, etc. You want to use MM to keep yourself front and center whenever your lead is looking at homes. The best part about it is that it can be used wherever the lead is! It will show them homes nearby for sale wherever they are.

Where is my Millions Mapped Link?

Open your "Hi" menu at the top right corner of your Agent Dashboard:

How do I send Millions Mapped to my leads?

There are many ways to send MM out to leads. Some of them may send you their phone number so that you can send it to them! (Thanks, Kunversion Drip Campaign!!)

Via Lead Overview Page:

First, make sure the leads' number is in their profile. Click the profile tab to add it if needed.


Next, find the "What Would You Like to Do" menu and click on "text Millions Mapped." This is the fastest way to send the app to them after they send you their number.



Can I use Millions Mapped to get leads?


There are two things you should do.

1. Rate Millions Mapped in the app store. Leave it a good review. The more positive reviews our app has, the more free leads we can generate for everyone.

2. You can use Millions Mapped to capture leads in print marketing. Signs, sign-riders, business cards, etc. We simply use your "default" text code! The code is unique to you, and all leads that text that code are assigned to you when they download MM. For more info on text codes click here.

Basically, you want to use the phrase you see at the bottom of your dasboard:

See in this example where it says:

"Have leads text 'red' to 845-875-4837."

At the bottom of your dashboard it will be different. It will show your smart number and your code. Instead of 'red' it may say your name, or whatever your Broker setup for you. It can be changed by your Broker.

So, if we wanted to use this to get leads, we simply need to put this on a sign...


Or a business card...