Kunversion Success

by admin on December 15, 2015, 3:14 am

What is Kunversion? 

Is it a CRM? Is it Lead Gen?? Why is everything so damn complicated?!

Let's take a step back. We know, that as a Real Estate Professional, you get bombarded constantly. 10 different people will tell you 10 different ways to blog, and of what use could that possibly be? Believe it or not, there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do things. We know how to do things the right way. I can say that unflinchingly, because all of our features and techniques have been developed by Sales Experts and Technology Guru's over time, since our Overlord and Savior Justin Tracy started development of Real Estate software in 2000. I promise that if you take this guide to heart, and actually "Do your job." you will be successful.

So what is it then? Kunversion is comprised of all the necessary tools that are required for success:

  • Marketing (Digital & Physical)
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Capture
  • Prospecting
  • Appointment Management & Reminders
  • Social Media
  • Lender Partner Integration

All of these components are absolutely necessary, and our system is one of very few that does all of them, and we're pretty much the only one that does them well.

So the answer is, we're not about to be pidgeon-holed into a label. It's a CRM. It's Lead Gen. It's everything. Our CRM can beat up your CRM because he's got his buddies with him. Our prospecting machine works for you 24/7. Our lead capture has the best track record and sign up rate in the history of this market.

 With that being said, let's clear our minds of everything that you've been fed, terms like CRM, SEO, blah blah blah are not very interesting or even useful to us.



The Formula

This is the "Theory of Everything" when it comes to Real Estate success.

Traffic x Lead Capture x Followup = Money

Traffic: This is PPC Marketing, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Magazine Ads, Signs/Riders. All of which are integral to Kunversion (and which we have tools for you to utilize). There are two kinds of leads in this world, Renters and Homeowners. We don't market to the homeless, right? Everyone that you can get to your site, you need to get to your site.

Lead Capture: Customized Buyer & Seller URL's, which have two-step lead capture for the best results. (A.K.A. Squeeze Pages)

Followup: Kunversion Follows Up on Lead Activity 24/7, all you need to do is call your leads. Schedule phone calls, and utilize the system-generated calls for this. The average Agent only calls a lead 1-2 times before moving on. Don't be average.  Set yourself up for success and call that person 10 times over two weeks to set yourself apart from the competition. You can do that with 3 clicks in Kunversion.


The Diamond Plan (4 steps to success)

Imagine a Baseball Diamond. This represents the Four Bases of a successful plan/implementation of The Formula.

1st Base: Lead Capture Website. This is your first step. Without it, the formula is useless. Fortunately, Kunversion has you covered here.

2nd Base: 4-Step Marketing Plan. Because, without traffic, you will not get leads. This second step means to start utilizing your Lead Capture website in a way to Generate Leads. The 4-Step Marketing Plan is as follows:

  1. Paid Traffic, otherwise known as PPC (pay-per-click.) This component means to pay for advertising on various search engines and social gathering spheres, on Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This is of course not limited, which also means buying leads from Trulia, Zillow, and Realtor.com. Kunversion has PPC programs for you already built, to make this step beautifully simple.

  2. Marketing Listings. Listings are a huge source of traffic for your site. Most of the time it's free to market a listing on ig, twitter, FB, Pinterest, eBay classifieds, etc. We provide guidance and training to help you be more effective with this step.

  3. Social Media. Using Blogs and Custom Search Links to Buyers/Sellers (Squeeze Page tool) to interest people into clicking through to your site. For example, blogging about an amazing listing, or posting specific searches in various FB groups that appeal to particular (targeted) audiences with Squeeze Pages. We provide guidance and training to help you be more effective with this step.

  4. Direct Marketing (Physical Marketing). This form of advertising comes in the form of print ads, signs, sign riders. Especial today, where everyone uses their smart phones to cross reference information quickly, you NEED a way to engage those leads. Kunversion helps you quite a bit in that regard, with Custom Text Code Calls To Action. We provide guidance and training to help you be more effective with this step.

(Click here to see how Kunversion can generate leads. Opens in a new window.)

3rd Base: Detailed, Responsive System. (CRM, Prospecting System, whatever you wanna call it.) Without a system, you cannot manage thousands of contacts. Kunversion obviously can. Kunversions real value to you is going to be very apparent here. Essentially, imagine yourself trying to manage a database of leads, 24/7, without sleeping. Intelligent auto-responding emails and triggers, notifications, even indications on specific activity that occurs with leads. It should make you wonder, how to get more out of it. If you can see these prompts, what are you talking to leads about early on to entice them to use the features on the site to trigger this activity? Not to mention, these triggers can be auto-responded to by texts (the most effective form of communication.) The drip campaign system is also built in, and designed specifically for engagement. 7-12 est Live chat? Not there to do your job, but giving you what the vast majority of Agencies lack, which is a customer service presence on the site. What about integrating this CRM with a real office solution? Not just Gmail, but an entire google account. That's e-signatures, documents, calendars, tasks, etc etc. When you really start digging, it's kind of scary to envision just how far this platform can take you.

Home Plate (Lender Partner): You must, must, must have a Lender Partner integrated into your system (Kunversion) to "catch" the leads you are fielding.   Without Lender Support, 80-90% of your leads are going to be difficult to segue into your pipeline.  You need to connect with a lender for direct hand off to getting pre-approvals and setting up the potential buyers for a home purchase. Lenders also bring lead buying power to the table. Kunversion makes the integration of the Lender Component very seamless to allow for a smooth work flow, hand off, and direct communication via the dashboard.


Okay, what's next?

So, that's why & how Kunversion works. What do you need to do to capitalize on that? Here is how, in no particular order:

Part 1: Simplify. The system seems daunting, but it really isn't. If you read closely how it works, you can work out that all you have to do is feed it leads. When someone gets around to interacting with you, their response is front and center. Sure, there are things you can do to help get more responses, but we can break them down into easily-digestible components:

  • Monitor your activity stream whenever you have time. Cherry pick opportunities.
  • Always setup listing alerts yourself and shoot an email to the lead at the same time. Be relevant.
  • When you text, always send specific properties. Don't be aggressive. Be relevant/useful.

Part 2: Conversion Mindset. Let the system do its thing.

  • Be cool on the phone. Don't push too hard. Kunversion is an incubator. People will tune you out if you're too aggressive.
  • Leads will come to you when they are ready. You know all those people who DON'T unsubscribe? They are getting your emails. They will trust you eventually. Right now you're the creepy sales person.
  • Think like a Gen-Y person. Younger people shopping for homes typically don't like to be called. They literally get offended. It's not rudeness, it's a sign of the times.
  • Use Kalculator to estimate your success.

Part 3: Leads. Kunversion is a serious investment. It's a tool for real entrepeneurs to find success online.

  • Diversify your lead sources. It's not just PPC. There's Zillow, Realtor.com, Open Houses, Referrals. Put them ALL into Kunversion. Use things like email imports to get all your leads from everywhere into the system.
  • Put as much money into specific marketing as possible. At 1,000 leads per month you will be closing one deal per month. Use Kalculator!
  • SEO is not really feasible. If anyone tries to sell you an SEO solution, buy more Google or Facebook advertising instead. That will get you leads today, not in 10 years.
  • Try to learn your own Facebook Advertising. It's worth it to learn.
  • The people who are incredibly successful in Kunversion put their all into the system. You will get out of it what you put into it. Leads, leads, leads.

These are your recipes for success.

Cut and dry.

It's not magic, it's not supernatural, it's just called doing your job.

When you go through training, and you learn the system over time, pay attention to all of these things that make your Diamond more efficient, and your Formula less of a theory, and more of a way of life. Something that is really, just math. It never fails, it just works.