Kunversion Training

Kunversion Training

by admin on December 9, 2015, 3:00 am

Welcome to the Family! We suggest all new clients (Brokers, Agents, Lenders, ISA's, Admins, etc.) who are using the Kunversion system attend the live webinar of "10,000 FT View - Mindset Map & Quickstart" as soon as possible to establish footing in the Kunversion system. You are also welcome to join again for a refresher at any time.


Training Classes

10,000 ft view Mindset Map & Quick Start

Kunversion is complex, yet automated. So in order to find success you should take advantage of the efficiency that has been afforded to you by Kunversion. This class will go over how to approach lead generation, and lead conversion. We will also guide you on how to focus on the tools and features that will influence how successful you are in Kunversion! Win-win!


**All times above are Pacific Time Zone. 11:30am Pacific is 2:30pm Eastern, 9:00am Pacific is 12:00pm Eastern.

 Click on the links above to sign up for the *available classes. If the class is empty, it will close 10 minutes after start time

Click here for a recorded version. It should not replace the live class, live class attendance is required in order to schedule a continued KV education class.


Broker 101

Normally on Wednesdays, starting at 9am


Lender 101

Normally on Wednesdays Starting at 11:30am

**All times above are Pacific Time Zone. 11:30am Pacific is 2:30pm Eastern.


Kunversion Video Training

These are a collection of short videos that will walk you through all of the features in Kunversion. Learn them one at a time in 5 minutes or less!



Kunversations are regular conversational topics that cover advanced lead generation strategies and methods that change often. Unfortunately Kunversations are suspended. However, we still have our archive that you can browse using the link below:

Click here to check out the recordings for past Kunversations.


Continued KV Education

  • After you/your group have attended both of the live foundation training webinars of "10,000 FT View - Mindset Map & Quickstart", you are welcome to contact our training coordinator, Annalisa Dahlen, to schedule a 1/1 training class with you/your group.
  • All attendees to the custom training class must attend the "10,000 FT View - Mindset Map & Quickstart" prior to booking an extended class.
  • Booking party is responsible for sending Annalisa a list of the top 3 topics they would like to cover a minimum 2 days prior to class.


New Agent Cheat Sheet

Here is where you can find links that were covered in the KV New Agent Overview and Kunversion 101 classes.  You may want to bookmark this section on your Google browser for quick reference.


Dashboard Introduction

Recorded Trainings:


Advanced Lead Generation and Conversion "Kunversations"

You can click on the playlist in the top left of the video to see past episodes.