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by admin on February 11, 2016, 9:42 pm

What are Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are pages that you can customize, in order to control what a potential lead first sees right after they click on an Ad. Your page can showcase whatever you want to entice them with to register or proceed. The controls on the landing pages can be customized so that the potential lead fills in their info before proceeding, or they are taking to a specific page if they click a button to continue. Because you can control exactly what people see, you can make that page represent exactly what your ad represents, and because you are delivering exactly the information that person was interested in when they clicked your ad, these pages tend to have a high signup rate. Advertise X. Show X. They sign up for X.

Basic Information:

From your agent dashboard, scroll down the left rail and underneath the Build Squeeze tool you'll see Landing Pages.Click on that tab. It will open up a new screen.

Click on the landing pages drop down on upper left.

This shows you the options you have to create landing pages based on the Primary templates:

These "Main Options" are different styles of pages that suit different types of content. You can tie these landing pages into Kunversion searches, or Youtube videos, or anything.

Below Main Options you will see "KV Inspired" which will display EXAMPLES of landing pages that illustrate how they might be filled out.

And last in this menu you will see the top converting pages. These are the most successful pages currently built by users of KV.

Background Images

These are what some of the different Background Images look like on Facebook Posts

Along with the many standard options, you can also have the background image be the image of a listing (just supply the MLS Number) or any image you can find (just supply the URL.)

This does mean that you can use custom imagery, so long as you upload it somewhere. You can use a site like or google photos to "host" it. Once you upload it to a site like that, you can get a public or "direct" link to use for this custom background option.


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