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by admin on February 11, 2016, 8:14 pm

Real Talk. Everyone wants free leads. Obviously. Free is not always free, though like you, of course, have come to expect.

Why is SEO so mysterious, and why do we often run into schemers to can promise the world and invariably under-deliver, typically by a huge margin? One of the facts, in this case, is that the only people who really know how to cheat the system are Google themselves. This is further complicated by the fact that their algorithms and engines are in a state of constant flux, always adjusting, always trying to improve. They have many billions of dollars at stake after all and are incredibly well aware of how useless their engine would be if it were to be exploited.

Also, consider that if you attempted to tackle this path, that you'll be competing with Zillow, Trulia,, and other massive-scale vendors that make this approach daunting, to say the least. Well, actually, impossible. Unless you have a few hundred million dollars to spare. Google is in the business of forcing companies to pay to advertise and, therefore, make it nearly impossible for the typical agent to put a dent in SEO placement. To attempt effective "SEO", it would cost hundreds of dollars per keyword with little to no chance it will work.

For example, it's commonly thought that your URL plays a role in how well your site ranks organically. So, people have come up with long URL's full of keywords, that haven't been shown to actually work. Maybe in an advertisement, if your URL was succinct it could lure a few extra clicks, but in the grand scheme of things, having an obnoxiously long URL will only hurt you, especially in the case of print advertising (signs!) where your audience is expected to type/text it in at some point!

A side note: having too many domains point to a site will reduce your placement rankings. Domains are strictly for direct marketing and very targeted marketing. It should be three words or less and if you can't remember it while driving by a sign at 30 MPH, then don't purchase it!

Keep that in mind the next time someone tries to sell you SEO magic. Apparently they know the secrets of a multi-national, multi-billion dollar entity. Heh.

However, this isn't a story of gloom and doom. Well, not entirely. Partially.

The supply of constantly updated and free information is what will consistently rank well with Google. That's why you often see blogs nearer the top of search results for many topics. I hesitate to say "Keywords" because it's really about context. You can try to target a set of keywords, but what does that entail exactly? What you should ask yourself, is what is the contextual relationship between the information on this page, and what keywords I am "targeting."

You can research this to death, and you'll not really find a lot of consistent information. However, you may decide that you're going to do it anyway. The main point that I am about to make, is that by and large the galactic amount of money you will spend trying to rank your own custom website, with no promise of immediate return, will make you feel sick.

If you were to take $20,000 and get a custom website with some SEO tricks thrown in, you must bring yourself to compare it with the results you would see had you invested that amount of money into direct advertising. And if you consider as well, that Google and Facebook are placing ads in the contextual sense, relative to the keywords you are marketing towards, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to forge your own path unless you're incredibly bored and have Mariana-tench-like pockets. Zillow gets hundreds of millions of hits and is constantly updating, can you realistically compete with that?

Not really. Investing any kind of money into such an endeavor is definitely a waste. But, it may make more sense to you to invest some free time instead. Everyone has a little bit of free time now and again; this is where our blogs come from, for example. In Kunversion, you have two things that we can't promise will be wildly successful right away, but we can supply content over time, which tends to have a snowball effect. We can show you, for example that the oldest Agency on Kunversion has generated well over a million dollars worth of clicks over the span of a few years.

Blogs & SEO landing pages are the two main tools you have for maximizing what's available to you. To put it simply: work smart, not hard.


SEO Landing Pages (link)

The SEO landing pages are about 50% of the solution when it comes to what you have to work with on a template site. We can compile statistics and MLS data for you, but providing unique content that makes you stand out is something that you will need to supply. On the SEO Landing Pages control panel, you can target a group of keywords and then write/create content in text form, that relates to it. The more info you can write, the better. You'll also notice that on this page, a series of towns are listed. These are sort of default areas in your chosen county, including the areas you want to advertise. If you can narrow down this selection of areas, that would be best. You can compile a list of areas that you want to focus on generating content for and advertising, and support can help narrow that list down for you. (Do not confuse the amount of areas listed with casting a wide net, it would be more akin to a link farm which definitely will not help you.) You can also buy a domain for each page that you want, and enter it here. Something like, for example. (I have no idea what is so don't open it, I didn't bother checking it out.) You could take a domain like that, and at the same time that you enter your keywords and content, (it all has to be done at once) you can enter that URL. Come back in 20 minutes and the page will generate nameservers for you to use, to create a single area website. You can even embed videos onto these pages to supplement your content! Check this one out for example on our test website.


Blogging (link)


Blogging is discussed at length in many places, so I won't delve too deeply into it here. You'll find the link next to the heading above which will go into more detail on how it's best utilized. Suffice it to say, blogging is the source of your dynamic content, and it can be auto-linked to homes and searches. And, linked to your landing pages. If you push for a common theme or topic wherever you can, as they relate to your landing pages, it will work out for you over time. Don't forget how important it is to provide new content wherever you can, and no matter what you do, never copy content if at all possible, especially if it's your own blog on another site. Duplicate content is detrimental. Make sure you setup Google Authorship as well!

It's clearly a bit complicated how everything sort of works together, but hopefully you have a slightly clearer picture on this highly obfuscated topic!

What does this all mean Basil? Does it mean I'm going to get tons of free leads and be #1 on Google?

Well, no, and it highly depends on what's being searched for. Essentially what we are going after are the low-hanging fruit, which will act as a nice supplement to all of the real money you should be spending on direct advertising. If you want to be successful, your first priority is always to shoot for the minimum of 30-50 leads per month. Google Advertising, Facebook advertising, whatever it takes. Once you're at that level, you may start investigating things like this to make sure you're maximizing your Kunversion website.