Lead Organization

by admin on December 16, 2015, 5:27 am

Kunversion employs a robust lead organization system that can control and create workflows to make your daily life more efficient. One of the ways to approach learning this gargantuan load of information would be to identify where you feel like you are spending too much time, and then finding a solution (sometimes a very outside the box one) for that problem in the many tools that we've created for you to take advantage of.

Think of it like this. If you own these features and functions, you would be able to get 100x the amount of work done vs. someone who doesn't have these features in the same amount of time.


Lead Status

The status is the most basic form of organization. It's more akin to a meta-categorization. What I mean is, that you're using the status less as the focus of your organizational strategy, and more so to establish generally how that person should be treated by the system. It's a very basic control for staying on top of Kunversion.

By and large, statuses really control emails. All of the aggressive marketing aimed at large numbers of leads in order to generate responses must be there, but only where it's needed. At this point, if you are not too familiar with the different types of emails Kunversion sends out, I would recommend reading up on them first.

Statuses in Kunversion are:

  • Leads - Agressive Marketing, Monthly Property Valuations for Sellers, Drip Campaigns & Listing Alerts.
  • Clients - No Marketing except Listing Alerts, and traffic reports for Sellers. Added to Klient & Google Contacts. Client-specific drip campaigns can be setup.
  • Past Clients - No Marketing apart from Monthly Property Valuations.

To a lesser extent, they are also either active or inactive. However, active/inactive status is not assigned. If a lead has not been on your site in 3 months, and/or is older than 3 months, they are put into the inactive list. The inactive status does not trigger anything, or halt any automation.

All statuses may receive Listing Alerts. All statuses may pertain to buyers or sellers.

Leads - This is the default status in our system. Anyone in Lead status is effectively treated as someone who you are not seriously working with yet. In fact, we highly recommend your contacts stay in this status until it is very apparent to you that you have secured them as a client. People can disappear at any time, and you don't want to stop any automated emails that can save you from being forgotten. What makes the lead status unique, is that they are subjected to System Emails.

Clients - Changing a Lead to a Client is done in one of several ways from the Leads Details Page. 

- Click on "Yes I'm Working With This Lead"


- Click on the Profile Tab, and scroll down to System Info, and select a status.

- There's a shortcut to change the status of the lead on the WWYLTD menu:


The act of changing your lead into "Client" does two additional things. It adds this person to your Google Contacts (Which could, in turn, sync to your phone if you wanted it to) and it also adds this person to your contacts in the Klient app where you can setup plans (workflows) events and transactions! This, of course, opens up a treasure trove of organizational possibilities.

As a Listing Client, you can add their MLS Number to their Profile, where they will get a weekly traffic report that will show them how many views their listing has had on Trulia, Zillow, and your Kunversion Website. If you are actively marketing their listing, this will make you look like a powerhouse! You focus on the Marketing; your Client gets kept in the loop automatically. As their Agent, you also get a copy of the weekly traffic report.

(Visible when the person's status is Client, on the right hand side of the Details Page.)

Past Clients - Like the Weekly Traffic Report, Past Clients have a special function. You can set them up on a Monthly Home Valuation. This email serves as an excellent way to stay in touch over a long period of time. Also, remember, that these emails like all of the other HTML emails contain a copy of your latest blog post, which will keep them up to date with you! These Monthly Valuations generate events in the "Notifications" tab at the bottom of your Leads Details Page. A copy is not stored. Over time, this would generate way too much mail to store, so it's a set and forget option, which puts them on autopilot. It contains language to let you know if they have any questions, so it's very safe.

You can find the field to enter their address if you set their status accordingly:


Lead Activity

Lead Activity is essential in your organizational strategy. It could indicate to you what you feel like you need to, or realize you don't need to keep track of since we do it for you. We'll outline the various ways you can see and process lead activity.

What constitues activity? Any time your lead looks at properties, saves properties, or is online. This information is closely related to your Lead Notifications which are further down this page.

Activity Stream - The Activity Stream is accessed by clicking on "Activity Stream" in your Dashboard Navigation:

This is a list of all of the recently viewed properties by all of your leads. It shows significant events such as if a lead saved a property. This is a very easy way to quickly find high priority calls to make every time you log in! Since KV is doing most of all your emailing, this is a good way to prioritize your time.

On each listing tile:

  • Upper Left - Leads' Name
  • Lower Left - Number of Views on what kind of Device
  • Lower Right - How Long Ago they Viewed that Listing
  • Large "Double Tiles" indicate a significant event, such as the Listing being saved by that lead.

This Activity Stream also feeds your Chrome Extension. You don't even have to be logged into your Dashboard so long as you're logged into the extension:


Notifications Icon - This Icon at the top of your Dashboard keeps you in sync with what your leads are doing all the time. Whenever you see a red number, click on it. It's got all of your critical notificaitons in one place. These are all good items to followup on. Sometimes it's as simple as checking in on someone's listing alerts. Sometimes, someone is asking you a question.

These notifications are also pushed out to the Kunversion Mobile app, which is the prime tool we recommend to keep in sync with what's happening on the go.

  • Green Icons - Actions taken by leads by clicking
  • Yellow Icons - Actions taken by leads from visiting your site
  • Red Icons - Actions you haven't yet reviewed
  • Broker Requested Task - A task assigned to you from the Broker side. (Task Templates)


Online Leads

If you happen to be on your Agent Dashboard at the same time as one or more of your leads, there are several indications to this fact.

1. Online Lead Icon

2. Activity Stream Tile saying "Now"

3. Lead Details Page Notice

When leads are online is the best time to call and/or text! Also keep in mind, that you should keep Facebook Messenger handy should they initiate a chat!


 Listing Alert Activity

A common source of uneasiness among users is the lack of any record of listing alerts that the system sends out to leads. Listing Alerts are dynamically generated and contain a ton of info:

  • Upcoming Open Houses (Because if you don't tell them, they'll just find a better source)
  • Properties that match their criteria with a button to change it
  • The latest blog post on your site (no, your teammates cannot steal your leads from a blog post)
  • A banner to click if they're curious about their current homes' value
  • Your photo/signature

This makes for a pretty substantial email. When you have a lot of leads, that's a ton of information to store. Now, you could technically CC yourself on the alerts, but really when you harness the power of Kunversion, it means generating a lot of leads, and you're not gonna want to store all those emails. Seasoned users of Kunversion rely on the automatic tracking of recent homes to get very quick and easy insights into their leads interests.

  1. Open the Lead you wish to view their Alert Activity with
  2. Click on the Alerts tab
  3. Click on Alert Results

This tab has two important functions. First, when you setup an Alert initially, it will indicate to you that you have good criteria. There are a healthy supply of recently listed properties which means the lead is likely to get regular updates. It's the purpose of alerts, keep the lead coming back to your site. Secondly, it shows you what properties of which were sent does that lead show an interest in. 

This is gleaned by the size of the photos.

Here's an example of a property the lead was probably sent, or will be sent, and one that the lead clicked on. Note - on the activity tab, the larger picture (AKA Double Tile) indicates the lead Saved the Property or looked at it 5 times. On this Alerts Activity tab, it means the listing was specifically viewed by the lead. Because the listings are less than 7 days old on this tab, we can reasonably conclude that the Listing Alert email brought them back to the site. Once you get used to this method of displaying information, you'll find that processing a lot of active leads becomes much less of a chore.


Lead Alerts

Lead Alerts are notifications that you can opt to receive from the system. By default in Kunversion, you get all of them automatically. However, you can choose to configure them to suit your own style. Notifications such as these are always best utilized by the Kunversion mobile app. What you choose to be notified of is what's pushed to your app. So, if you feel like you're getting too many notifications, you can customize them here.

  1. Open the Hi, (Name) menu on the top right hand side of your Agent Dashboard, and click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Lead Alerts
  3. There are three fields here:

    - Hashtags: Choose which Hashtag(s) you want this notification to be limited to
    - Min Lead Quality: Choose the Minimum Lead Quality you want this notification to be limited to. Lead Quality is set first automatically by the system, then you can customize it.
    - Lead Actions to Alert: Which notifications do you wish to recieve for the above specified Leads?

You'll notice below it says "Current Alerts." You may delete the alerts you don't want anymore using that list.

It is possible to have these notifications texted to you, however considering how much actual texting can occur with leads, we highly recommend you grab the Kunversion Mobile App to handle your notifications.

Star Rating System (Lead Quality)

You're welcome to give leads a certain rating in any way that makes sense to you. You can find the Star Rating on the right hand side of the page, when viewing a Leads' overview.

However, if you're unsure on how it should be used, here is an example.

I'm going to use a rating system based on a scale from 1 to 5. It's merely a coincidence that our Star Rating system in Kunversion is...a scale of 1 to 5. Convenient.

If I have someone, who signs up with a working email address, that is automatically 1 star. If I have what looks like a legitimate name, but the email is broken, we need to examine their email address. A lot of times, there is a typo! Check! Make sure that's @yahoo.COM and not yahoo.co.

Or, if they signed up with the name of Jeremy Ageronoverlich, double check that that is correct. It might be jageronoverlic@yahoo.com. (Missing the H, which is just a typo.) Therefore, we have our first requirement. If the name is obviously bogus, AND the email bounces, that is Zero stars. A valid name or email is 1 Star.

0 Stars - Bad Name, and Bad Email address

1 Star - Working Email Address (Doesn't bounce)

If we've made it this far, we are looking for what might qualify them higher as a lead. So, the next basic piece information we are looking for pertains to their seriousness. There are two requirements for this. Listing History, and Listing Alerts.

We give you important events to follow up on. So, in order for those events to be generated, we need the lead to be logging in and perusing your website. If they do that, Kunversion also sets them up on a listing alert based on their history. So, at this point we will have a lead that we can follow up with, based on their actions. AND, the lead will continue to return to the site, giving you more opportunities to do so with listing alerts. That's worth a star.

1 Star - Lead has looked at houses, and is set up on Listing Alerts

Pretty stringent requirements. But, as I'm sure you've noticed by now...somewhat common. Hmm.

These are leads that we're talking about, and the best way to process leads is to call them. The faster you find out what their intentions are, the more direction you have as to how to proceed with them. Are they on the fence? Your job at that point is to push them off the fence, and get them to buy. From YOU. So, if the lead has a phone number, that is significant. It makes your job a lot easier. That is worth, one star.

1 Star - Lead also has a phone number

Half way there already! What's left? There is not much left, apart from dealing with actual communications. This is pretty easy. If the lead replies to you in any positive manner, then that is definitely worth a star. How you deal with them going forward will determine what happens. The ball is not only in your court at this time, but in your hands. A lead might respond positively via emails. So at this point, a lead might have 3 stars if they did not have a phone number.

1 Star - Lead replies to you in a positive fashion

Now, a lead can meet all the above criteria, but still not be able to buy. Because they have no money. A common solution for this is a credit building scheme, or renting until they are ready. You'll want to make sure you keep in touch with them. Always think about the long term as well!

However, if a lead does have buying power, that is pretty special. You know that sellers aren't gonna take anyone seriously unless they have at least a pre-approval. So make sure you are working with your lenders to get your leads some real buying power!

If your lead has money, or a pre-approval, that is definitely worth a star.

1 Star - Lead has a pre-approval, or cash

On a side note, if a lead is actually a client of yours, make sure you give them 5 stars, and move them to the "Clients category."

Of course, we must also look at the opposite side of the spectrum. You could potentially give a lead 5 stars based on the above criteria, and still not be able to convert them. Why? Because there is the chance that they would lose stars as well.

A good reason to lose a star always presents itself eventually. What I will offer to you is the reason, and the correct response to deal with these events.

Unsubscribe. Sometimes people unsubscribe, but before you get all teary eyed an upset, consider the tech. Un-subscriptions (I love making up words) can be triggered in any number of ways. Not in all cases is it someone wants to stop getting emails. Sometimes, an email provider will give us an unfavorable response to our email, and the lead is unsubscribed automatically, without any human intervention. So, when you see this even happen, you need to follow up with that lead as soon as you can. Make sure that they weren't having any trouble with the site, and ask them if they liked or didn't like the alerts they were getting. They might have unsubscribed because they thought that was how to get a different set of alerts. It's happened! Always double check.

However, sometimes they really do not want any more mail. As such, minus one star.

(Side note - be sure to setup your notifications for unsubscribes on "good" leads! - How To)

-1 Star - Lead really wants to unsubscribe

Another incident which may occur is if a lead insists that you not contact them, for whatever reason. They might have an Agent, or they might think that you belong to the government and are using aliens to track their location. In either case, that's kinda like slamming the door in your face. Don't worry or read too much into it. Just say, well, feel free to take advantage of the site, and let me know if you change your mind. You never know, they might come around. The effort costs you approximately 2.3 calories and you can feel better about being a mature adult human being. Rules are rules however, so minus one.

-1 Star - Lead hates you for some reason

One more thing, if a lead disappears. If their last visit to the site was more than 3 months ago, something might have happened. A bus might have been involved. You never know. Minus 1. Be sure you have your notices setup for "Lead returns after downtime" in case they do come back!

-1 Star - Lead has not had any activity for over 90 days


Seller Leads

Seller Leads are captured in a two-step process. We first obtain an address, and then hopefully some viable contact information afterwards. Either through Cole Data or from the Lead filling out the registration form. Why would a Lead fill out the Registration form? Because they won't see an estimated value for the address they entered without registering.

To reflect these lead capture stages, Seller Leads are organized as such:


  • Seller Leads - These are leads who entered an address then completed the registration form, which resulted in the capture of their name and email address.
  • Valutation Attempts - These are leads who entered an address, then did not complete the registration form. Therefore, all we have is the address they entered.

Seller Leads - For all intents and purposes, full blown Seller Leads are indistinguishable from buyer leads, apart from two things.

1. It says Seller in the Lead Info on the Overview Tab:

The checkmark indicates Seller = Yes.

2. If you click on the Profile Tab, and scroll down to the bottom, you'll see the Seller Info section filled out:

There are a few things that need to be explained:

  • Estimated Value - The value the system gave that lead after they filled out their contact information. This value may or may not be accurate. It's the best guess that we can provide based on currently active listings, and is also compared to the average values of other automated valuation systems. Why don't we just use sold data? MLSes generally either do not let us see this info, or allow us to display that information. So, we have to go off of what is public knowledge. That being said however, there are ways that you can approach sellers (like any other cold lead) and we have some examples and ideas over on our Scripting article.
  • Date Checked - The date which the lead used the Sell Page to acquire the above estimated value.
  • Send Seller Drip OR Monthly Valuation (Yes/No) - By Default this switch enables two things. The Default Seller Drip Campaign (which can be specified on your settings page) and the Monthly Home Valuation Email. The monthly email is very similar to the one we send to Past Clients. If you have this set to yes, you can turn off the Seller Drip campaign above in the System Info section of this tab if you want the Monthly Valuation to go out but not the drip campaign.

 Valuation Attempts - These are the addresses that were captured where the lead did not provide any additional info. They did not recieve any form of estimated value. Here's an explanation of the columns for each address:

  • Address - The addresses with an Arrow do not have any leads associated with the address. If there is no arrow you can click on the address to see the lead associated with it.
  • Out of Area - Refers to if the address is located in a County not "serviced" by your Kunversion site. This makes it eligible as a referral.
  • Referred - Out of Area leads are eligible to be accepted by other Agents using Kunversion whose sites do service the county that listing is in.
  • Add Lead - This will attempt to find information using Cole Data on the address. If it finds any associated contact information, it will create a Seller Lead using the discovered info.
  • Build CMA - This will enter the address into the Build CMA tool for printing into a Flyer. The build CMA tool in Kunversion is not a real CMA tool for the reasons I mentioned before about not having access to sold data from the MLS. However, it could be an interesting display of the current market conditions for that listing, and how your Agencies listings compare to the averages to other listings in that area. This flyer plus a real CMA would make excellent additions to the gift basket idea you might have seen in the Scripting article.


Hashtags are the bread and butter of Kunversion. Really without them life would be pretty difficult. Not only are Hashtags an organizational medium (like a folder), they are also used to prioritize alerts, or direct your focus, saving you time and energy.

A Hashtag is essentially a note that the system recognizes, and uses in one of the many ways that you'll come across. Yes, just like the kinds of notes you would normally leave for leads.

You can test this out by going to leave a note for your lead. So long as your hashtag does not begin with a number, is at least 4 characters long (not including the #) and does not contain spaces, it will be seen and added to your Hashtags List.

Once a hashtag is created, it's stored on the left-hand side of your Dashboard in that big navigational menu:

When you click on a hashtag in the big list on the left, you will be presented with a list of leads that contain or use that hashtag.

You can further drill down the list by adding another hashtag on top of that, as a filter. Look to the upper right corner:


If you're a metrics junkie, I know you'll really appreciate that. So, you can track leads that came from a specific source, that are also of a specific status or situation. Super useful.


Since Hashtags are notes, here are the basic ways they can be added:

  • On the notes tab for a lead, when typing in a note

  • On the Leads Overview tab, you can add via quick note:

  • If the Hashtag already exists, click in the hashtags box:

There are also ways in which hashtags are indirectly created:

  • From Squeeze Pages
  • From Landing Pages
  • Lead Imports
  • Email Imports

What Kind of Hashtags should I Employ?

There are three things to think about when Brainstorming your possible hashtags.

  • How do I want to sort my leads. By house type perhaps? Lead Type? Warm-ness?
  • What kind of pipeline do I want to setup for keeping track of goals?
  • Where did my lead(s) come from so I can focus or optimize my advertising or social media time?

 The accurate answer is that there is no best solution, because hashtags can be as detailed or as simple as you would like them to be. 

When you open a lead, you can see all of your hashtags for that lead in one place. In the Hashtags box. So, you will want to keep quick shortcut type notes in the form of hashtags to help you quickly asses what a person's situation is before calling them. 

Things like: #justlooking #married #sixmonthsout #condos #needpreapp #moving

What does the above tell you. First, it should tell you that it appears you spoke with them in the past. They are not yet a client yet because there is nothing indicating that they are seriously working with you, and let's say this person is still in 'Lead' status anyway. We had enough of a conversation for me to know that this person is Married as well, so a mildly familiar tone is appropriate. Glancing at the last called date on their profile can give you an easy opening. We can also see that they are not pre-approved for a mortgage, are interested in condos, and since the #justlooking tag is there, it indicates that they haven't made any serious commitment yet, but it appears that they also mentioned perhaps becoming more serious or very serious in 6 months. Great.

So, from all of that, we have an objective. Ask them how things are going, how they are liking the property updates, and then probe them more deeply regarding preparedness in the form of getting a mortgage pre-approval. If you are consistent and clear with your hashtags, you can come up with any system like that, which will keep you from having to dig through notes and emails whenever someone generates activity and you want to call them.

Hashtags can tell you what you've done, what you need to do, and where in your pipeline that person is sitting and where to push them to next.

Cold Lead -> Followup -> Warming -> Lender -> Met -> Showing -> Paperwork -> Verification -> Escrow -> Closing -> Sold

I just kind of made that up really, each one of those could be a hashtag. The Klient app will go a long way into managing the intimate details of each transaction, and your Hashtags will ensure that you're never lost in the grand scheme of things.

Hashtag Automations & Notifications

To give you some advanced ideas, here are some things can be automated with Hashtags. 

  • You can assign a specific Drip Campaign to a hashtag, so that when that hashtag is assigned to a lead, the lead is put on that Drip Campaign.
  • You can setup Notifications for specific Hashtags. For example, if you keep track of leads you consider "Hot" you might want to know whenever they save a listing or look at a home five times, so that you can followup ASAP.
  • Your Broker/Admin can setup specific tasks to trigger on certain days for certain Hashtags.
  • Your Broker/Admin can setup a company-wide pipeline for everyone to utilize to make things easier to quantify, or help your Lender out with your internal processes
  • You can create compound processes with Leads that are generated from squeeze pages. For example, if a lead comes from Zillow, assign them to the #zillow Drip Campaign
  • You can send emails and text messages to hashtags.


Text & Phone Leads

 Text & Phone leads are in a list in your main agent dashboard navigation:

Basically, it contains all of the leads you can capture which don't have an email address, or physical address. They are all generated via Cell Phone inquiries.

Looking at the table we have 7 Columns:

The first column allows you to select multiple numbers to text. Once selected, make your way to the bottom of the list to find this:

As with any other text messages, leads can only be texted once every 7 days, unless they reply to you. In which case you will have 24 hours to reply to them before they are locked out again.

Next, we have the actual number, and then we have the number type. There are several different types which will indicate to you where they came from.

  • MLS Request (on) - This is someone who sent in either a custom text code, or an MLS number.
    If they sent in an MLS number, it will be displayed next to the word 'on.' Like this:

    More info on custom text codes can be found here.
  • App Request - This is someone who texted your subdomain, in order to obtain your Mobile App for searching homes. 
  • Inbound Text - This is someone who sent a text message in, that is not recognized by the system as being an MLS number, known text code, or subdomain.

Following the type, you can review and edit whatever notes you want to associate with the lead. You may notice that there is nowhere to store a 'Name' for text leads, apart from within the notes. Initially, your notes for each number will contain the nature and transcript of the received message, so you can see what they sent in that brought them to your system. These are the same messages that would have been forwarded to your cell phone when the lead was captured. For those of you using Listing Machine, you may notice that you are not able to edit the notes. Since Listing Machine is a separate product to Kunversion, we recommend utilizing that system for followups and tracking, and using your text lead list in Kunversion to create a full lead once you acquire their information.

This brings us to the Merge and Delete columns. Merge will take you to where you can add them to the system with their phone number pre-filled into the appropriate spot. You may return to the list to delete the Phone Lead to stay organized.


Notes & Reminders

 Notes are a huge deal! There are quite a few things that you can do with them:

  • Create Hashtags
  • Set Reminders to your Dashboard, and/or to your Google Calendar
  • Schedule Phone Calls
  • Notify Your Lender
  • Keep your Lender in the loop
  • Create Permanent Hashtags

Adding notes is a pretty accessible feature. You can add notes by:

  • Opening a Lead, then clicking on the "Notes" tab
  • Opening a Lead, then typing your Note into the Quick Note/Hashtag/Text box. You can then select:
    • "Just add note"
    • 1 Day Reminder
    • 1 Week Reminder
    • 1 Month Reminder
    • CC Lender
      • Each one of these Actions Adds a note in some fashion 
  • From your Dashboard, click on Quick Actions on the upper right, and select:
    • Add Reminder
    • Add Note
  • You can cc or bcc, or send to notes@kunversion.com(Lenders can send to lenders@kunversion.com) to add notes to a lead via email. The leads email either has to be in the subject, or somewhere in the body of the email. 

You can also "mention" someone else on your team. If you type in @ and then the beginning of their subdomain, you will be presented with a list of suggestions. Doing this will share the lead with that person.

Using the primary add note page, we'll outline the major functions:

Non Editable?

Setting this to ON, will make your note un-editable in the future. If you are working from an Admin or ISA level this can be very useful, as it will allow you to make sure there is always a note or a hashtag that can never be remove, that indicates lead source, or something of that nature. Many people use this feature to track which leads are comission splits at a glance. You can see in the lead Summary where a lead came from, but sometimes it's easier for an ISA to simply tag a lead before transferring it to a Buyer's Agent.

Reminder Date & Reminder Time

By default, the reminder is a special note that has a countdown meter associated with it. You'll want to enter a note, then select a date (required) and a time (optional). In the example below, each reminder has the leads' name, whether or not a call is scheduled, what the note is, and when the reminder was created. The reminders will appear in 4 places within the Agent Dashboard:

  • On the Main Dashboard page, you'll see the tab for upcoming reminders. This list shows you all the reminders which are due today:

    Click on the reminder itself to go to that lead. Click on Complete on the right to make it go away. There is no undo button. The complete function applies to all reminder types.

  • In your Notifications tab, a reminder that is due will display with a kind of timer bar, showing you visually how long you have to complete the reminder.

  • On the Lead Overview page, right underneath the WWYLTD menu, you will see the upcoming reminder:

  • And finally, on the Notes tab itself, you can see all of your notes + reminders.

Sync Google - This option will add a reminder at the specified Date & Time to your Google Calendar. It does additional things like include your leads contact info! The function will always add reminders to the "main" calendar in Google. So, if you want to keep all your personal events separate, create an additional calendar for them. It's highly recommended to go all out with different calendars, because they can all be assigned different colors or you can setup different notifications for them. It's fantastic.

CC Lender - An incredibly important option! The Lender that you are working with in Kunversion also has a dashboard that is mostly the same as yours. Your Lender can see all of the notes that you add to any Lead that is shared with them. This CC Lender option is only there to trigger a special email to your Lender when the note is added to notify them that you updated the lead with new information. It's perfect for keeping your Lender "in the loop."

Add Call - This will Add a special reminder which also creates a "Call." A Call is a specific function, that has specific consequences. Keep reading to find out more.

Lead Phone Calls (A.K.A. Calls to Make)

To be clear, this is mostly in regards to the specific "Calls to Make" tool. These are calls that are scheduled and completed via the Agent Dashboard. They are not the new lead phone calls. To try and explain what I mean, here is an outline of the different calls that happen in Kunversion. They are either "scheduled" or "not scheduled."

  • New Lead Phone Call - This call happens within 15 minutes of getting a new lead with a phone number. Kunversion calls you to tell you that you have a new lead, it suggests what you should say to them, and it gives you an option to press 1 or 2 to try to connect with the lead right then, or to send them a welcome text that is controlled via the Broker Dashboard.
    • Sometimes when this call goes to your Voicemail, the system won''t realize it got your voicemail until about half way through the suggested script. This is not the system calling your lead, it's a call you didn't answer. It's a good idea to save the Smart Number in your phone so that you can pick up as often as possible!
  • New Lead Followup Call - Almost exactly like the new lead call above, except it only goes out for leads who are already assigned to you. It's a way for the system to help you followup for the first few days that the lead is new. You can tell it's a followup call because it will say attempt 1 of 5 or something similar. The number of calls over the first 4 days are controlled on the Broker Dashboard.
  • Call to Make - This is a call that you have to make yourself. It's the result of someone signing up overnight, or something that your lead did. Kunversion will email you every morning with what your calls to make for the day are. Your Broker controls the number of calls that are possibly auto assigned to you every day.
  • Scheduled Calls - These are exactly like calls to make, except they are not automatically generated by the system. They are created by you.

How do I deal with Calls to Make?

The system emails you every morning with what calls you have to make. Some of you might go straight to the leads calls tab to tell the system that you called. But you really need to follow these steps instead.

First, find the Calls to Make Icon at the top of your Dashboard, or one of the Red Call Boxes.

(calls to make Icon)

(red call box)

The small Icon at the top is a menu and you can select who you want to call first.

Clicking on the Red Box, or one of the people in the list under the calls icon will take you to their details page. There, front and center you will see this:

This is a call to make. It tells you that the lead is on the Call List for that day. It gives you the reason for the call (either a scheduled reminder, or the lead did something like express interest in a listing.)

In order for the system to know that you called, you must call them and then click on one of the three buttons. Bad #, Not Home, or Contacted.

  • Bad # - Removes the phone number from that lead.
  • Not Home & Contacted - Records the call as completed, and then prompts you to leave notes for the call you just made, on the Calls tab.

 Scheduling Calls to Make

You can create your own calls to make via reminders. If you scroll up to the previous section on this page, you'll notice that along with adding a date and time, you can toggle to schedule a call that's associated with that reminder. If you want to schedule multiple calls at once, simply click on the calls tab, and then "Schedule Call"

If you miss any of your calls, there is a tab on the Main Dashboard (to the right of new leads, hottest, etc.)  that will allow you to review them. Adding calls to these leads will not clear your missed calls stat with the Broker.


Reverse Marketing

Reverse Marketing means to find leads in your database that have demonstrated at least a passable interest in a particular listing criteria.

Why do certain pages on Facebook get a lot of likes? Well, they post something interesting and/or funny, and people like that sort of thing. So, you can take this approach when utilizing the mass texting features. "Hey, you need to see the pool at this house", or say something funny instead. it's up to you.

This is done in a few ways. We will start with the easiest.

I will show this under mass texts, but the same options work under mass emails.

There are two types of reverse marketing. By Listing, and by Criteria.

By Listing

  1. Scroll Down to "Send Text About Listing"
  2. Enter an MLS Number and click "Find Leads."
  3. A message will appear with a link in it. Customize the message and then click on the red button "Text X Leads" to send that message to all of the leads the system found are looking for similar properties.

This feature is excellent for sending out interesting captions for listings that people might like. Something special or unique about the property, that they may not have gotten from the website perhaps.

As a side note, this can also be accomplished on any listings details page. Just visit the What Would You Like To Do (WWYLTD) menu and select the appropriate option.

By Criteria

Another way to reverse market, by using listing criteria. Use it to communicate a pocket listing or other significant piece of information to the most interested parties in that price range or area. Let them know that you understand they are interested in the area, maybe there are questions you can answer?

  1. Select from the four criteria. You can select multiple towns in the 'Choose a Town' box, and click find leads.
  2. A Box will appear after clicking find leads where you can enter your text message. When you're ready, click on 'Text X Leads' to send that message to the number of leads shown on the red button.

Manual Reverse Search

You can also do a more detailed search to see what leads specifically match a certain listing criteria. On the left side of your Dashboard, click "Search Properties" and enter some Criteria:

Click search will land you on some listing results:

Things get interesting here because so many options reveal themselves! Let's not get carried away though. Click on the 'Reverse' tab.

You will be presented with a list of leads! These leads are interested in the type of property you searched for! You can email them, text them, etc. Simple! Mostly!

Lead Lists

Whenever you are viewing a Hashtag, or a Client Status, you can view and sort by the various columns for your lists of leads. Note, your screen size may have an effect on what it shown.

The columns from left to right are as follows. You can click each header to sort the list!



Listing Alert (yes/no)

Invalid Email (yes/no)

Property Views

Average Location Viewed (area)

Average Price of Viewed Listings (price)

Star Rating (Click to set!)

Created (or Registered)

Last Visited your site on (date)

Last emailed this lead on (date)

Last called on (date)

Last texted on (date)

Next scheduled call set for (date)