Leads & Following Up

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Basic Information:

Kunversion does a lot for you, automatically. That doesn't mean you're completely hands off. It means that you can focus your energy where it needs to be. Those personal touches, that a computer can't replicate. Dropping notes, following up. Doing phone calls. These little things fill in all of the gaps that computers cannot make up for. They require a human element.


Top Tips:

Follow up on Alerts, Make sure Alerts get setup.

Are people returning to your site, but not replying to emails? It means your alerts are working, so ask your lead about the properties they're looking at. Ask them, if they like what they're getting. Use the tools in your alert activity and your activity stream on the Dashboard to stay on top. If leads are not setup on alerts and it's been a couple days since they signed up, make sure you set them up on anything to get them back to your site!

Schedule Calls

Most Agents move on to the next lead after one or two phone calls. Schedule your calls to make in advance. 10 calls over 2 weeks. Once you get them on the phone and setup your next followup, delete the rest of the unmade calls and set a reminder! Schedule a call with EVERY single lead (if you don't have phone numbers prospect using KV tools to find additional phone #s.  Pipl, Spokeo, 10digits.us)

Handwritten Notes Work

Stay relevant by composing your own followups from time to time to check in. Incorporate them into your drip campaigns to save you time and energy. It's immediately apparent to the recipient that this was written by you, truly.

Keep your Lender in the Loop

There are some very effective tools in Lead's Notes that allow you to stay up to date on each lead with your Lender, and they can do the same with you on their Dashboard. Keep eachother on point!!

Keep Exploring

The more you start to look at the small buttons and the small font, you'll ask yourself why such things exist. Keep looking for those things. For example, did you know that you can specifically text a listing to everyone who may be interested in that type of listing, and say something amazing about to get people to pull their heads up? It's true.  

Stay On Track

Put a daily task list together or a calendar to focus on a few simple things every day.  Print this up and put it above your desk, after you finish your Wheaties focus on this, be diligent, and remember you'll soon see the fruit of your efforts.  Its pipeline and the snow ball effect continues to happen, feed the beast, and KV will help :)


What Happens to New Leads?

(when discussing "leads" we refer to the status of "lead." There are three statuses in Kunversion; Leads, Clients, and Past Clients. "Lead" is the default status when they register.)

This is largely depending on if that lead has a phone number or not. For the purposes of this article, we're going to gloss over how leads are assigned. Let's focus on what to do with the leads you get. The most important thing to know about new leads is what happens automatically. 

  • If they have a number, the system tries to call you. If you answer you'll hear the following from an automated voice.

    Buyer Lead:
    'Hi, this is Kunversion, you have a new buyer lead named [name] searching mostly in [city] for around [price].  This is attempt number x of [max-trys].  Press 1 to live connect by phone, press 2 to send the default text message.  If you're not sure what to say, say something like, "My name is [agent first name], the search assistant for the website you were just on.  I see you're looking in [city], for around [price] is that right" '
    Seller Lead:
    'Hi, this is Kunversion, you have a new seller lead named [name] selling a [valuation] property in [city]  This is attempt number x of [max-trys].  Press 1 to live connect by phone, press 2 to send the default text message.  If you're not sure what to say, say something like, "My name is [agent first name], the search assistant for the website you were just on.  I see you're looking in [city], for around [price] is that right" '

  • They get a welcome email that cannot be altered by you for some very important reasons.
  • As leads, they are typically and by default, assigned to a drip campaign.
  • As leads, they are subjected to getting "System Emails" which are sent reactively based on what they do on your website, such as if they look at a home 5 times, or save a listing.

Leads with Phone Numbers vs. Leads with Email only:

The major difference is texting. This means that your most valuable leads, the one with phone numbers, require more work. But, keep in mind, you're reaching them right away. It's worth it to do it as much as possible. How worth it? See this note from Ryan on our Facebook from when this feature was first built.

Ryan Hightower - outstanding!!! Thk you!!!
awesome awesome feature to begin with btw...I call text and email every lead I get & am amazed at how many more and more of them won't take or return a call but will fully engage via text message. Definitely where it's at (and I fought it for the longest, thinking the serious ones want a phone call. Not necessarily true)

Texting Techniques - because 98% of people who get texts, read them.

Right now, you could go online, and find the coolest/raddest/most beautiful listing that was just listed in your MLS, and blast it out using one of the new mass-test features and say something like this: "Hey, this was just listed in the MLS, you gotta see the pool: http://goo.gl/rpRfqs"
You would get replies. If you just blast texted your entire database people would respond to you. Most importantly, people would respond to you, even they've never replied to your emails or calls. Shocking.  

  • Don't ask yes or no questions. Wherever possible, text something interesting, like a listing with unique features.

  • Show interest in what your leads are doing. Ask/say things such as
    "403 Willow St. is a great deal! Would you like to setup a time for a showing?"
    "I have a new home that's priced to sell, it won't last. Want to setup a time to go see it?"
    "What do you think of the properties I've been sending you in (area)?"

  • Take a concierge/CS approach from time to time:
    "What kind of questions can I answer for you about ([area] market/financing/home buying/getting pre-approved)"



Lead Followup Plan

This is a plan some of our own sales experts have put together that we recommend for a basic strategy with Kunversion. A detailed plan that incorporates things like hashtags and setting up your pipeline can be found here. Meshing the two is what you want to work towards. 

1st week

  • Agent follow up only

  • Make sure to set up correct drip campaign

  • call and text immediately

  • Look over activity stream look for any listing they may have looked at multiple times.

    • Send text or email about that specific listing something along the lines of (John I noticed you looked at 123 oak street 3 times in the last few days. Let me know if you want to look at that in person?)

  • Set up listing alerts ( even if listing alert is not set up make a generic listing alert for that type of market) # 1 thing to bring them back to site

  • If not contact in the 1st 24 hrs continue trying to contact 6x over the next 4 days

  • Always add notes after each task

  • Make sure to leverage all forms of contact including pre written chat message and browser calling

2nd week and on

  • agent / lender follow up

  • Tuesdays / Thursday  Lender

  • Monday / Wed / Friday Agent

  • Key things to look for lender

    • Lender look under activity stream and find an average price point and a home that they have looked at multiple times and send a related message

    • Add to lender drip campaign

    • ensure listing alerts set up

  • Key things to look for Agent

    • After initial contact attempt is made and if having issues reaching search on additional site like google and facebook

    • send facebook message dig deep

    • Make sure you have them in the correct hashtags

    • make sure listing alerts are set up

    • Look up properties and text ,chat or email specifics about what they were doing

    • take notes


The Daily Routine

A basic routine that you can use as a general guide to plan your days. The more you read about all the strategies we have all over this site, the more opportunities you'll see to incorporate them into a routine such as this one.

Agent schedule:

7-9 Online Lead Generation
9-11 Email and Paperwork
11-12 Lunch
12-2 Prepare for Lead Generation (add facebook groups and get ads ready)
2-4 Post Ads
4-7 Cold Calling

Essential Strategies, and How to Conquer Cold Calls

Here are some scripts and strategies for getting responses and conversations started. There's a lot to consider when organizing leads at this point, so find the post for how to organize leads and give it a once over at some point.

1. Mindset - Cold Calls & Internet Leads

Leads that you capture off the internet are cold leads. Some of them, the ones everyone loves, actually talk back to us. But they are cold leads too. There is absolutely no established relationship between you and the person who signed up on your website. All that has happened, is that their information was captured so they could view the homes on their site. And, after a very short amount of time from them registering, they will have forgotten they even did that. This is why by default, Kunversion calls you with new lead info and you need to be ready. If you're not, then it's money down the drain. It's a tough business. 

2. Goal - Establish a Relationship

You have a new lead. You and this person are complete strangers. Therefore, you need to create a relationship of trust that is based on their problems. They are the focus, and you can establish a two-way dialogue to see if they will work out. They may have been initially what you thought was a warm lead, but more often than not they have other ideas and plans that are perpendicuar to your own. Most times, they are just looking, shopping around, and they disappear. Do not despair though!

3. The Initial Call

It now comes to this. For it to work, to establish this relationship of trust, we need real talk. This is a lot easier than it sounds. This first call is not a sales call, it's a customer service call. If you focus on booking an appointment or any other end result, you'll be resistant to finding out the truth about what's on their mind. If you don't take the time to find out what their problem or issue is, and you jump right into your sales pitch, you unconsciously trigger sales pressure, which puts them on the defensive and makes them retreat.

Critically, this makes trust and honest communication, “real talk”, impossible.

Treat this call like you just bumped into a neighbor that you’ve seen but never had a conversation with. Would you be enthusiastic and excited when you speak, would you assume that you had just met a lifelong friend?

Probably not.

Sounding enthusiastic, excited and overly friendly reeks of our most common enemy, the telemarketer! You are not a telemarketer!

Your tone and word choices should be calm, relaxed, and toned-down, without any sense of urgency or eagerness. The fact that you are not invested in an end result will ensure this state in your tone and mindset.

Sometimes during the call things will be going along fine and then all of a sudden, the person will give you “push back”. You will sense that they seem annoyed or suspicious of your intentions. If this happens, stop and say:

“I apologize if I gave you the impression that I’m trying to sell you something or push an agenda forward in anyway. In fact, I really don’t know if we can specifically help you. I’m just doing a customer service call to make sure you were able to access the home listings and to see if I can be of any help to you. Would you be open to talking a little while longer to see if you may need my help now or in the future?”

Let's call them

Okay so now it’s time to call a lead.

Don’t stand up, don’t get pumped up.
If you feel nervous, try leaning back a little in your chair.

Now dial the number. So if you reach them directly, the natural way to begin the conversation is to confirm that they're the person who signed up on your website:

“Hi, this is [NAME] with [WEBSITE]. I have a note here on my desk, that you signed up today to view homes for sale in [AREA], would that have come from you?”

They will probably say, “Yes, that was me.” (If they say no or something worse, we have some tips down this page for dealing with combative people.)

This little interaction is a micro commitment towards building trust within the first few minutes of the call. It's a natural, considerate question that shows respect for the other person and creates the beginning link between the two of you.

You then say, “I just wanted to make sure you were able to log in and that you were able to view details on the homes?”

Here they will either say yes or no. If they say no, then offer to fix it for them.

Next ask, “I’m curious, can you tell me a little bit about your situation?” This phrase allows the conversation to open up.

Listen and don't interrupt them. Let them talk for as long or as little as they like. Take note on the major points they make. The questions below represent information we would like to know about their situation if they are
willing to share it. By no means do you need all these questions answered. Most of these folks are 3 to 12 months out from buying a home. Nothing you say or do will shorten their timeline, so be helpful and get to know the other person with a service oriented mindset. Normally, when they are talking, they will offer answers to questions before you get to ask them. This is good! After they are done talking, you can say, “Thanks for that, I'm curious” and then start asking the below questions that
remain unanswered:

  1. Where do you want to live?
  2. What is your price range?
  3. Do you have a Realtor?
  4. What specifications in a home are you lookingfor?
  5. Are you preapproved with a lender? Would you like some help with that?
  6. Are you an investor or home buyer?
  7. What is your time frame for purchase?

If you get pushback, these phrases will help:

“That’s not a problem.”
“I apologize if I gave you the impression that I’m trying to sell you something or push an agenda forward in anyway. In fact, I really don’t know if we can specifically help you. I’m just doing a customer service call to make sure you were able to access the home listings and to see if I can be of any help to you. Would you be open to talking a little while longer to see if you may need my help now or in the future?”

If they are friendly and want help, use phrases like these:

“Where do you think we should go from here?”
“That sounds like a good plan, would you like some help implementing that?” 

Combative Leads & Rejection

Some people will be upset with you calling.  They may demand apologies. That would be absurd. Don't be afraid to throw in a lesson on economics while you politely tell them how you're not apologizing using points like these: 

- The internet isn't free. Someone is paying for your ability to use the internet.
- You're using my very expensie website free in exchange for your contact information. By signing up, you agreed to this trade.
- If you do not want to be called, do not use the internet to find homes for sale.

Whatever you do, don't give up from rejection. An average agent only ever closes 1% of the leads they capture. One in One HUNDRED. The sooner you apply you rejection-phobic coating so they bounce off you, and leap ahead of the average game, the sooner you will find great success in this business.

Script: The "Corrective Statement" technique

The call breaks down into a few segments:

  1.  Intro: Hi "name of lead" ....I saw that you were looking at homes on my [insert website URL here] site and I wanted to introduce my self, nice to meet you!"
    - Make sure to say "Nice to meet you."
    - Every agent that meets someone in person will always say nice to meet you. This is the proper thing to do and it is also over the phone. It takes their guard down and allows for the next step. They will most always say "nice to meet you back."

  2. Statement of Service: "I was in the process of setting up your listing alerts and searching for some good properties to send you...."
    - The Key Point with this statement is that you are doing something for them.
    - You need to tell them that you are doing something for them that provides VALUE TO THEM!!!!
    - Your Job is to "PROCURE" the property and it is the basic function of an agents job to contractually allow them to earn a commission.
    - Telling the that you are doing this mentally obligates that person to potentially hire you.

  3. The Setup: "...I had a quick question and then I will let you go" (the second part of the statement of service)
    - This part is critical because mentally the person wants to get off the phone with you, so buy telling them that you had a quick question and then you will let them go obligates them to stay on the phone an answer your question.
    - This is critical because that is what you want to happen so you set them up to give you what you want. It is a mental trick but works every time!

  4. Corrective statement: "You're a renter..... right?" [wait for answer...]
    - The key point is that this is the trick that will always get the answer you need and it doesn't matter what you say. "you're a renter", "...you're a homeowner?"
    - Either way, this is something you should master and practice. Anything you ask can be asked this way and it will really help your appointment setting.
    - For example: "I assume you are already pre-qualified and have spoken to a lender ..Correct?"

    So, an example of this whole script would be something like this so far:

    "Hi Julie, This is Brian and I noticed you were on my website today and I just wanted to make sure I introduced myself, NICE TO MEET YOU" (pause for answer) "I was in the process of looking up and putting together different properties to send you based on what you are looking and I had a quick question and then I will let you go. You're a homeowner, Correct?" (pause for answer)

  5. Consultation Close:
    - [If they ARE a renter] "Great! I do a special consultation for renters where I show them what the buyer power is vs their renting power is. I assume that you like all renters want to buy a house someday, correct? It just takes 5 mins and I can throw something together for you. I assume your rent is 1800 per month correct?"

    - [If they are a Homeowner/Buyer] "Great! I do a special consultation for homeowners where I show homeowners what the listing power is vs their buying power today. It just takes 5 min to ask you a couple questions and I can throw something together for you."

In both cases, you've just secured an appointment/meeting!

Just remember that every lead you will ever get is either a homeowner or renter and someday will list or buy a home: How you handle that first call will have the biggest impact on YOU getting them to buy or list with you someday. Make that first call a consultation every time and you will get more sales:

Note: you can not do an effective consultation without first finding out if they are renting or a homeowner first!

Leveraging Listings technique

Whether you call or email a lead, or even text message them this script can be used. Generally, it incorporates the following three components:

  • Valuable information. This is information that’s quality, yet simple, that they would not normally see or notice as significant.
  • Instilling a sense of obligation to you, because you’re telling them that you’re GOING to do something for them. (Very important to say “going.”)
  • Obtaining a confirmation of your services, by prompting them to tell you exactly when they want to receive your information.

The most common implementation of this is reaching out to a new lead. First, review their listing history. We’re going to follow that first rule, only contact your leads about a specific property. This would be a property that they looked at more than once, so go through their listing history to find one.

Part a: I saw that you were looking at the property at [street address], and I just wanted to let you know that the total HOA fees for that neighborhood are upwards of $5,000 per year.  

* Here is our valuable information, that hooks their intrest right away. You can find different information for many different kinds of properties.

Part b: I'm going to do some research for you and find two other properties in the same area that might be better options.

* The second part, contains that statement that you're GOING to do something for them, creating a sense of obligation.

Part c: "Would you like me to send that information to you by Friday?"

*And, we cap it off by seeking a confirmation to proceed with what you're going (out of your way) to do for them.

Whatever information, or what you're going to do can be modified situationally to suit any situation. Following this idea format is going to generate more conversations and appointments than ever before!

Other examples:

"You know, I find a lot of people tell me they're just browsing, and their dream home comes along and they're not 
prepared to take advantage of an opportunity that otherwise would not have existed if they were. I'm going to send 
you my top ten preparation checklist and help you get started on it, but I'll need some time to get it ready. Would you 
like me to have it to you by this evening?"

Maybe, you've acquired a high-dollar lead that's looking at $1M+ homes?

"I noticed you reviewing the property on {street}. I am going to be taking some better photos/video for my private 
buyers, would you like to receive them by Wednesday as well?"

Even if they decline, they'll remember your offer if they do see one they're particularly interested in, and will be more 
likely to contact you proactively!


Seller Followups

With the Seller Lead Capture system in Kunversion, you have one of two ways to capture leads. Leads with full contact info, or leads that are only a physical address. The difference between them, by and large is not a whole lot. How tough is your seller market?

Pretty Tough

Probably the most effective conversion rate of sellers is done by how up-front you can be. A brilliant success story in a difficult market involved gift baskets. Branded water bottle, maybe a pen. Some candy. Maybe other things. A legit CMA. All nicely wrapped, and left at the front door without a knock, adorned with a simple card that read something along the lines of - "Thanks so much for using my website to find out some basic information about your home's possible value. Please let me know if you have any questions!" (this is heavily paraphrased)

Their success rate? 25%.

Seller Lead Scripts & Listing Machine

There are two types of leads: Renters and Homeowners. Homeowners will always list their home some day and this is the key to your success. Every homeowner lead you generate will always provide a listing opportunity, and when they decide to list that property, you want them to list with YOU. Here are some tips to make that happen.

This is where the rubber meets the road, and why we have some listing machine clients that get four listings in their first month, and why some clients get ZERO appointments.

  • Make sure that you contact every "address only" lead personally with a real evaluation. Here is what our successful agents are doing: 
    1. They send a personal letter to the address with a few comps and a estimated "value range" with the services they provide sellers. 
    2. Many of our clients have great success door knocking and hand delivering material to the actual home. 
    3. You can look up the name of the homeowner using "Spokeo" or tax records: Most of our clients know how to find out who the homeowner is once they have the address: Look them up on facebook and send them a note with an evaluation is another great tip.
  • For homeowners that put in their address and phone number: I should not have to tell you what to do with a phone number but many agents call with the wrong approach and kill their opportunity so here is a couple tips: 
    1. Don't assume these leads are wanting to list their property: They wanted an evaluation so Do Your Job and give them a real evaluation: 
    2. Remember that auto evaluations are never accurate!!! So the best way to approach the call it to say something like: 
    • Hi, This John. Thanks for going on my site and checking your value. I saw the auto valuation your received was really inaccurate so I am doing a real home valuation for you and I had a couple of questions.
    • If you call and say: “I am an agent with such and such,” or; “would you like me to do a real evaluation?” or; “are you looking to list your home”, You might as well give up. Don’t ask to do your job! Just do it and you will get better results! 

Key: You need to do this no matter what even if they are not serious about listing their home: It is this first evaluation that obligates them to use you when they do list their home because you gave them something of value and did your job. It is a real evaluation that will get you the appointment and convince them that it is the right time to list their home.

 Supplemental Video on Listing Machine



Mass Text & Email Scripts

Here are scripts that have been recommended to use with the mass texting features in Kunversion

Active leads

  1. "Do you want me to send you any text alerts when new properties come on the market? Or change your search at all?"

  2. I see you have been looking at a lot of homes. Are you already pre qualified?

  3. I had an opening come up for this weekend to show homes. Did you find any you would like to see?

  4. This is the most searched home in #city what are your thoughts of it?

  5. Rates are suppose to be going up according to the feds did you want o lock in a rate prior to the changes?

  6. Do you have a down payment or do you need some help with that?

Inactive leads

  1. "Do you want me to send you any text alerts when new properties come on the market? Or change your search at all?"

  2. I noticed you have not been back to the site in awhile did you already find the home you are looking for?

  3. Are you still looking for a  home?

  4. Did you get discouraged from the down payment?

  5. Did you ever actually get approved to see what you qualify for?