How to Send/Save Listings

by admin on December 3, 2015, 12:39 am

There are different ways to get listings to your leads. Sometimes, you want to send a really nice email with a couple properties, sometimes you want to send a whole list!

Direct Link Method

You can build special links (by hand) if you want to send a very SPECIFIC list of properties, in a link instead of an email. The email method is a bit easier to use, and is outlined further down this page. For those of you that want to build a link of a handful of properties, here is how.,4416338

If you investigate this link, you will see the following results:

Only two results, to two properties I have pre-selected.

Let's look at the URL again.,4416338

The part is my personal website. You have your own personal Kunversion site as well. It's usually in the format of, but it can be anything that was setup by your admin. 

We will need the formal version of this, which is

All I added was the http:// at the front and the other / at the end.

Next, we have index.php, which is the address of the page that displays the properties. So take your subdomain and add it on.

Now, we have the " ? ", add that in.

Followed by mlsids=

Finally, simply add the MLS Numbers or ID's of the listings you want to show. All separated by commas! That's it. Make sure they are Active listings. Listings that don't display on your Kunversion site cannot be forced to display here. This is a really manual method of building a link, but if you save the first portion in a text file, it will always be the same, and you can add the rest of the ID's whenever you need to build such a link.

Simple Email Method

This first method is useful when you setup alerts for the first time for someone. Many of you would like to send the current list of what's available before they get their first alert!

  1. Open the lead.

  2. Click "Search Website" on the left. You may need to scroll down a bit.

  3. Fill in the criteria for the type of listings you want, and scroll down. As you update the criteria, so will the buttons to show you how many listings match those parameters. If it looks roughly correct, click on the 'email' button:

  4. This will open a new tab, to Gmail, with a link populated automatically in the body of the email. We want to build a nice email. So, highlight this link, and we'll convert it to a clickable word. 

  5. After you highlight the link, you can click on the insert link button at the bottom of the window.

  6. This converts whatever you highlighted into an HTML link. Click on "Change."

  7. Change the "Text To Display" to something that is appropriate for the email you're writing, and click OK. That's it!

HTML Email Method

This method is done in three basic steps which shall be outlined below. In summary, they are:

Step 1: Find the Listings you want to send
Step 2: Save the listings you found, to your saved listings in the dashboard.
Step 3: Find the Lead you want to send them to, and click send saved listings to selected lead.

**you must enter in content into the message or the listings will not be sent**

In your Kunversion Dashboard, there are a few places where you can send listings from (such as the similar and nearby properties when reviewing a listings details page) but the process is always the same as the above three steps.

Finding the listings

When determining what you want to send, it's important to know that this method is for sending specific listings. If you want to send a LOT of listings, then it is always best to send asearch! Use the "Search Website" option on the bottom left of your dashboard to do this.

Step 1: Click on Search, and then the Listings Tab


On this tab, you can start searching for the listings you want to send. You may need to do several different searches to find all of them, saving them each time. If you have specific MLS numbers already, enter them separated by commas.

Click search, and you will see your listings shown in the results list.

Saving The Listings

Step 2: Select the ones you want, and click save at the bottom.

Once the listings are saved, click on the 'Saved' tab at the top of the list (to the right of the listings tab) and review your listings. If the list looks good with you, then we can proceed to the next step.

Find Your Lead

Step 3: Click on the 'Leads' tab and do a search for your lead. Find them any way you know how, by name, number or email.

Once you get a list of lead results, go ahead and select that lead, and then click on 'Send Saved to Selected.' Note, that to the right you can include a message at the top of the list of properties that will be sent.

That's it! Here's what that email looked like after I sent it:



Saving Properties Method

Normally, your Lead will save properties on their own, on your website, using the little heart icons.


They can also review their saved properties using that icon at the top of your site:


...where they can leave comments:


You definitely want to show your leads this feature, and encourage them to save properties that you can review with them. This is a really easy way to start your first conversation with a new lead as well.


Saving Properties For Leads

You can save properties for a lead.

This is different than saving listings to your Agent Dashboard with the intent of sending them in an email. It's done from the leads' overview page. It will appear to the lead in the same manner as if they saved the listing themselves.

Navigate to their overview page, and find the 'Saved Properties' tab down below near the bottom of their details page:

You'll see after adding the MLS number, and the comment you want them to see there are three options.

Add to Saved - Simply adds the listing to their saved list without notifying them right away.
Add & Text Message Comment - Texts the lead a link with the comment you entered.
Add & Email Comment - Emails the lead a link with the comment you entered.