Your Subdomain, Rotation, Smart Number

by admin on February 8, 2016, 4:11 am

The Kunversion software is really smart. Once everything is setup, it knows who you are, what listings are yours, and which leads belong to you.

There are many different ways to capture leads, and the following tools are part of how it sends those leads to you.


Your Subdomain is "your" website. It's a URL that you can send people to. They can use this website to search for properites. If they sign up, they get assigned to you as a new lead, always, unless they already signed up under another agent on your team. 

Main Website:


The subdomain in this example is "russ." Sometimes, depending on what we are talking about, we may be referencing the full subdomain URL:

When we talk about things like, having your leads text your subdomain to get your mobile app, we mean "russ" not ""

To see what your subdomain is:

1. Go to your Settings Page:

2. Look for the Subdomain label:

In this example, you can see the subdomain is the domain/website of this Agency. red is the prefix, or the subdomain. When we say that you can have people text your subdomain, it means the prefix. When you want to forward a domain, or send people to your website, you would send the whole thing.


Rotation refers to the function that distributes leads to you and your co-workers in the office that sign up on the Main Website (not your subdomain). Of course if a lead signs up on your subdomain they are sent to you, however if a lead goes to the main office website, that's another story.

You'll be in rotation with your fellow agents, which the system will keep track of. Basically, you're taking turns receiving leads that come in from advertising, or some organic traffic, from the Broker's craigslist posts, etc. There are certain items that affect rotation, chief among which are whether or not you are 'Active' or if that lead has a phone number.

'Active' means that you're eligible to receive leads.

You could become de-activated under the following circumstances:

  • If you miss too many mandated calls during a period of time (parameter set by broker)
  • If you do not write the required amount of blogs per month (parameter set by broker)
  • If you go on Vacation (Option under name menu at the top. There will be no vacation option if you are not active.)
  • If your Broker manually de-activates you.

You can still get leads if you are de-activated, if leads sign up directly on your subdomain.

Normally, leads are distributed in a consistent round-robin fashion, unless that lead has a phone number. If that lead has a phone number, the system will attempt to call your cell. If you do not pick up and connect to/speak with the lead or leave a voice mail, then the system will not assign that lead to you, and instead call the next agent in line.

Whenever you're the first in line to get a new phone number lead, you'll get an email notice from Kunversion saying that you have a new lead and the system may be calling you shortly. If course, if you miss the call then that lead would not have been assigned to you, but you will still have the email.

It takes an average of about 4.5 agents to pick up a phone lead, so if you miss one, don't worry about it too much, you'll probably get someone else's lead next time. Of course, if you save the office number in your phone, and pick up every time, then you would potentially get all the leads if your co-workers never picked up the phone at all.

Smart Number

Also on your Settings page in your dashboard, you'll see what is known as your Smart Number. It's called a smart number because it knows you, and which leads are yours based on their Phone Number. Everyone on your team has the same number. But, because the system knows who is who, it can redirect phone calls to you, if the number calling in (or texting in) is one of your leads. Whenever you get a lead from Rotation, you are called by this number. Whenever you setup text code marketing, you are having people send the texts to this number. It can auto-deliver information as a result, or assign leads to you. Find the Smart Number on your setting page, and save it in your phone. Call it, Kunversion, or $$$KV$$$ or something, so when you get a new lead, or text, you know that it's a lead!

Notes if you are testing:

  • The smart number can only know who you are, and who your leads are. 
  • If you setup a "test" lead, and that test uses your cell phone, you will run into a situation where you are calling yourself. Because, the smart number will call the phone you are calling from!
  • If you call the smart number from a random, unknown line, it will handle the call according to the website settings set by the Broker/Admin.
  • Use the smart number for text codes in your personal marketing. Push the text codes, as opposed to giving it out for calls in your personal marketing. For your office level marketing it's perfect, however.