by admin on March 15, 2016, 10:18 pm

Testimonials are added from the Broker Dashboard. They show up in several places. And, you can acquire them in several ways.

Where do testimonials show?

The first place a testimonial can show is on the footer of your Kunversion website, on the bottom right:

All of the testimonials from your team will be there, on all subdomains. You want this information to propagate everywhere! In this carousel list, we show the last 15 testimonials at a time.

Another place Testimonials show is on an agents individual profile page on the website. From your main website, mouse over agents at the top, and click 'Agent Roster'

From there you can click on an Agent's details and see all of the testimonials for that particular agent in one place.

How do I add Testimonials?

From your Broker Dashboard, mouse over Content and select Testimonials.

From this page, it's very straightforward. Just click on 'Add New' to add a new Testimonial. You can pick who to associate it with. Once a testimonial is added, you can edit it in the list at a later date.


How do I get more Testimonials?

Apart from asking leads directly, there is a built in Agent Feedback Survey that you can email out to closed Clients. This can be done from the Broker Dashboard, or the Agent Dashboard.

Broker Dashboard:

Right on the Main Dashboard page, on the right side, you will see the Request Feedback section:

You have two options. First, specify which Agent this pertains to. Then, specify if the Agent should also get the results from the survey once it's completed. When you click "Build Link" you can copy the text to email that is generated and send it to your Client!

Agent Dashboard:

Open the Client in your Agent Dashboard, and find the option in the 'What Would You Like To Do?" menu: