Text Messaging

by admin on December 17, 2015, 12:56 am


Today's paradigm for what people consider "good leads" are the ones that text. You can get so much done in a very small amount of time via this method of communication. For that reason, we've incorporated a ton of tools and features in Kunversion to accommodate texting. We'll go over all of it in this article. For advice on what to say to people, and recommended texts, we have some suggestions which are located here. This article will cover the technical features.

Smart Number Texts (send/recieve)

Your Kunversion smart number is aptly named. It's not a one-trick pony. Regarding text messages, it can provide information automatically and route texts smartly depending on what is texted to it, and who is texting to it. You can also text from your smart number to any lead, or lead(s). Whenever a text is sent out from the system, it always goes out from your smart number.

The most important information to learn is how texts are handled and shown to you. You should learn what your smart number is, and save it in your phone. When you get a text message from it, it could be either of the following items:

  • system telling you a lead did something, or that you have a new lead
  • a text the lead sent to the smart number that has been forwarded to you

Ideally, there are interactions that get leads to text you through the smart number. That means that, until you are more familiar with that person, you are going to be texting them back via the smart number. So, should a text message be intended for you, you'll get a text that says "Inbound Text Request" and in the message, it will tell you what the lead said, or did. It'll look like this:

(in this example, the 845 number is the Kunversion Smart Number, and the 720 numer is the leads' cell)


To reply to them, you're not going to use your phone, you're going to use the dashboard. There are a few ways you could do this. For the sake of simplicity, let's stick with using your dashboard, which can be done on your computer, or on the Kunversion app. Login, and look for the tab called "New Texts". Here, you'll see that new text in the list. If your screen is small, like on the app, then you'll only see the leads name instead of the full preview. 

In either case, we can tap on the name/message in this list, and it will take us to the lead details page where we can reply! Just tap on the blue "text" button.

This process is great for new leads, or leads which we are nurturing. It keeps all your text message history organized in the system. Eventually, you may decide to text that person from your personal cell phone, in which case you might say that you stepped out of the office and are texting them from your personal cell, so they don't get confused. That's when it's time to mark them as a client! 


Sending a Quick Text

If you are looking at a lead, you can text them without opening the "Text Messages" tab.

1. Enter what you would like to text.

2. Click on Actions and select Send Text Message



New Leads Text

On the Broker Dashboard, a default text message can be configured so that when you press '2' upon being offered a new lead during your new lead phone call, that message is sent in lieu of you speaking to that person.


Mass Texting

With Mass Texting, you can send a text message to a large group of your leads. Each time you text a lead, you can only send a text message through your dashboard once every 7 days to that person, so there shouldn't be any concern for spamming.

However, it also means that you should text something worth texting.

Why do certain pages on Facebook get a lot of likes? Well, they post something interesting and/or funny, and people like that sort of thing. So, you can take this approach when utilizing the mass texting features. "Hey, you need to see the pool at this house", or say something funny instead. it's up to you.

The Tools for Mass Texting are found by clicking "Mass Text" in the Quick Actions menu:

  1. Send to a Hashtag - Very simple. Enter a message, then click on which Hashtag you would like to send it to.

  2. Send Text About a Listing

    Here, you will "Reverse market" a property to potential interested parties. 

    a. Enter an MLS Number and then click on "Find Leads"

    b. A message will appear with a link in it. Customize the message and then click on the red button "Text X Leads" to send that message to all of the leads the system found are looking for similar properties.

    This feature is excellent for sending out interesting captions for listings that people might like. Something special or unique about the property, that they may not have gotten from the website perhaps.

    As a side note, this can also be accomplished on any listings details page. Just visit the What Would You Like To Do (WWYLTD) menu and select the appropriate option.

  3. Send Text to a Certain Criteria

    Another way to reverse market, by using listing criteria. Use it to communicate a pocket listing or other significant piece of information to the most interested parties in that price range or area.

    a. Select from the four criteria. You can select multiple towns in the 'Choose a Town' box, and click find leads.

    b. A Box will appear after clicking find leads where you can enter your text message. When you're ready, click on 'Text X Leads' to send that message to the number of leads shown on the red button.

  4. Send Hail Mary Text

    This is a way for you to tap everyone on the shoulder who may have forgotten about your website. You always want to bring them back, with a link or a call to action that entices a reply.

    1. Click the gray build button. 

    2. The system finds a collection of inactive leads that haven't been to your site in awhile. Enter your message into the text field then click the red button 'Send Hail Mary Text To X'


Text Codes (Marketing)

Sending & receiving text messages via the system is all well and good. Using text messaging as a platform for marketing is also essential. We can utilize a call to action to capture a leads phone number. You can do this in many ways, with flyers, signs, riders, etc. You would state that by sending a specific text to whatever your agencies smart number is, information can be delivered to them right away. So, for example, if I am standing in front of your home for sale, and the yard sign says for more information text 'house1' to (my kunversion smart number).

Here's a real world example of what I'm on about:

(You can also click here to buy signage from a third party)


This says Text 162704 to 254-870-0781. The 162704 number is actually the MLS ID of that listing. There are several "Default" texts that people can send.

  • MLS ID - Text lead is assigned to the listing agent. If listing agent ID doesn't match anyone on your Kunversion team, the lead is randomly assigned.
  • Listing Address - Text lead is assigned to the listing agent. If listing agent ID doesn't match anyone on your Kunversion team, the lead is randomly assigned.
  • Agent Subdomain - Text Lead is assigned to the Agent associated with that subdomain.
  • Any unknown code, or message, and the number texting is unknown - Text Lead is randomly assigned.

When you do get a text lead, it shows up on the left hand side of your Agent Dashboard when you click on 'Text & Phone Leads'

Here, the information available is very straightforward. We have the number we captured, and on the right, there is a space where you can keep notes. (Click Edit to do so.) You also have a column for how long ago the request was submitted, as well as a column for what type of request it was.

'App Request' means that they texted your subdomain to the Office Number.

'MLS Request, {mlsnumber}' means that they texted your MLS number to the Office Number.

'Phone Call', A lead called the office number, and it was assigned to you regardless of if you answered the phone or not. Not all agencies are configured to handle calls this way.

 Here is where it's good to think about what your subdomain is exactly. If my name were Geoff Wulfen, and I were actually posting my subdomain to signage, I would definitely prefer 'geoff' to 'geoffwulfen' since 'geoff' is much shorter. Your Broker can modify your subdomain.

Now, we come to Custom Text codes. 

Custom Text Codes are setup on the Squeeze Links control panel. They are essentially re-usable codes that means you only need to print one sign that can be used over and over again for new listings. You'll have the ability to associate a word of some kind with any MLS number, or a custom message, and update it when needed.

Click here to read about squeeze pages and custom text codes on the Agent Dashboard.

Millions Mapped

Millions Mapped (MM) gives your lead/s access to millions of property listings in almost every state. We combine up to the minute real estate and rental data with local professionals (you) that really know their stuff. Sick of the other guys (your competition) having properties that are no longer for sale? Tired of your questions going unanswered? Step into the future of real estate and super charge your smartphone with the best real estate app out there.

How to Send MM:

There are couple of methods to send Millions Mapped* (MM) to leads. Please use these methods to loop the lead back into your subdomain & dashboard.

1.  Send directly via the lead overview page via the Agent Dashboard Overview Page

2. Agent Default Custom Text Code Call To Action

The default Agent Custom Text Code Call To Action for the smart number associated with your brokerage is the name associated with the agent dashboard.

Example: In this instance, the agent's name is "red". When a lead texts "red" to the brokerage smart number, the lead will be send a link to Millions Mapped

3. Broker Default Custom Text Code Call To Action

The default Broker Custom Text Code Call To Action for the smart number associated with your brokerage is "app".

Example: In this instance, when a broker creates a call to action for leads to download Millions Mapped they use the Custom Text Code "App". When a lead texts "App" to the brokerage smart number, the lead will be send a link to Millions Mapped, and the lead will be sent into round robin to active agents.

*keep in mind that the end user who is downloading the app may receive an error message while attempting to install the app if their phone does not have enough memory for the app.