Kunversion API (Zapier)

by admin on February 17, 2016, 6:47 pm

What can connect to Kunversion?

Anything that you can find in the Zapbook can hook up to Kunversion no questions asked. Search in the box that says 'Search 500+ Apps'


Getting Started

Kunversion Zapier Invite Link

Zapier is an app connector. For example: if something happens in app #1, do this in app #2. It's very powerful stuff.

If you're here, you know what API's are, and you should have some knowledge about what you want to do. Setting up Zapier can be intricate, so you just need to pay attention to exactly what you are telling it to do.

  • For Agents, your Zapier key is on your settings page.
  • For Brokers, your Zapier key is on your embed page.

Click to see video instructions on how to use Zapier

You start by thinking of the flow of events. What happens first? The trigger is the first item.

This simple example will show you how to create a new lead, from a new subscriber in MailChimp. A lot of people use MailChimp forms to get people to sign up for newsletters. You might want to add people to a mailchimp newsletter when you get a new lead in Kunversion instead! There are billions of possibilities.

When we click make a new Zap, the first thing we need to do is find MailChimp, our Trigger App. When you select MailChimp you will of course need to verify your MailChimp Account. Some programs have API links that Zapier will request and such. Be prepared to dig around for the information Zapier needs. Zapier provides some basic guidance if it needs anything. Usually, they just need you to log into your account and provide an API Key.

So anyway, we select MailChimp, and pick the trigger new subscriber, then we verify our account. 

Because of how MailChimp is setup, it's also going to ask, from what list do you want to trigger this zap? When you add a subscriber to MailChimp, they are always added to a list.

Once all of your criteria is set, Zapier needs to make sure what you selected makes sense. So, it will ask you to test out the criteria you setup.

When you click on Fets + Continue, it will look for a subscriber, and if you have any, it will show a successful test!

With our Trigger completed, it shows a green check!

Now, we move on to the action. So, when a new subscriber is added to our Newsletter list, adding that person to Kunversion is the action. 

Choose the Kunversion App by selecting it under "Your Apps." It will be there if you used the link at the top of this guide. You can open the link now if you don't see it in Zapier. After you accept the invite, refresh the page that you were making your Zap on and it will pop up:

After you click Kunversion, select the Add Lead option, then verify your account like you did with MailChimp. You can find your Zapier Key on your Settings Page. Just look for "Kunversion Zapier Key." NOT Kunversion Zapier LINK. ;)

Now comes the fun part. We need to grab information from MailChimp to insert it into our new lead record. Zapier is connected to MailChimp, so we need to pull down the data from that program to create the lead. For the fields that you see, look for the fields button on the right of each field. That will allow you to insert from MailChimp, parameters that contain the information you want.

Remember when you had to verify the Trigger at mailchimp earlier? It's going to use the example subsriber it found to populate all these parameters, to more easily help you determine what parameter goes where.


What we need to create Leads are at least a name and an Email. So in the fields in MailChimp, we set email to Email, Merges Fname to First Name, and Merges LName to Last Name, so on and so forth. You can even specify things like Hashtags.

Once everything is setup, you test it. If the test is successful you will have created a new lead! Don't forget to turn on your Zap!

Now, whenever a new Subscriber is captured in Mail Chimp, it adds that as a lead to Kunversion. You will get an email notification as such:



 Current fields in Zapier for creating a new lead: